PlayStation Now coming to Samsung Smart TVs next year

Sony's PlayStation Now game streaming service will be available on select Samsung Smart TVs in the first half of 2015.

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GribbleGrunger1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

I wonder how long it will be before the media fully understand what PSNow is all about? I think the problem has been that we see it regularly on gaming sites like this and so automatically assume it's for people like us, but it's not and has never been. A certain degree of BC was going to be pushed as one of the reasons simply because it suits Sony to offer some kind of solution, but that was never the real reason for its existence.

It's designed for those people who are unlikely to ever buy a console and those who are more sporadic in their gaming habits. This is just the start of a huge money earner for Sony and as they roll it out to more TV manufacturers, Phones, Laptops, PCs, Pads and Blu-ray players, the picture will become clearer and we'll start seeing PSNow reported by other sites that are not necessarily the sort of site we'd see posted here.

This is PS mass marketing to a potential audience thousands of times bigger than the console or handheld markets combined. As they often say: It begins.

JoGam1423d ago

This is HUGE. Good job landing deal with Samsung.

NukaCola1423d ago

Oh I hope this comes to Galaxy Phones and Tabs too. I would love to rock some games on my Note 4!

Death1423d ago

I disagree. PSNow should be Sony exclusive. It should be a reason to choose a Sony TV over a Samsung.

KwietStorm1423d ago


ANY time company A can get their product/service on company B's platform, that is a huge deal for company A. Keeping it exclusive on PlayStation would be a big mistake, and Sony would basically be closing the door on themselves. What Gribble said is exactly right.

UltraNova1422d ago


So MS bringing Office to Apple devices is wrong? I think not my friend. PSNow on the leading TV manufacturer and others to come is a huge huge game changer it opens the gates to billions of people to experience Playstation, imagine all those potential subscription fees.

Sony is finally opening up to the world away from their neolithic perceptions leading gaming into the future.

Nintendo are you paying attention?

Godmars2901422d ago


Sony started from the beginning of the PSNow announcement they planned to put it on other brand devices. TV to tablets included.

Hell, MS seems to be scrambling to offer XO remote access on tablets. Is that wrong?

darx1422d ago

No one is scrambling to stream video games. PS Now will not be the success some of you here beleive.

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sinncross1423d ago

Still it would be nice to see some Bette prices in the service. But good deal here. Samsung tvs are quite mass market.

GribbleGrunger1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

But it's not for you. It's for the millions and millions of people who would never buy a console and may want to play a game now and then. Most people on forums already own a PS1/PS2/PS3 so 'obviously' it's not likely to get them too excited. BC is just something Sony have mentioned because (of course) SOME people who once owned the above consoles may just be tempted too. This is about the Playstation brand, not consoles or handhelds. Sony are un-tethering their gaming heritage and increasing the market for 3rd party publishers too. I'm sure publishers like EA are licking their lips at that prospect.

rainslacker1422d ago

People who would pay those prices are the same ones who would pay $6+ to stream an HD movie, or purchases a new release movie for $20-30 to be able to stream it.

Gribble is right above, PSNow was always for these types of people, not for the gamer.

Sony is pushing a new service on an untested market. it's easy for some to say now that it will fail, but we just don't know that yet, because no one else is doing it like this.

What will make it really take off is offering something that is enough to get people to get a game when in need, like for a party, or when people have their grandkids over.

There's a lot of potential here, and while the prices suck for gamers, I don't think they're going to be that big a deal for PSNow's intended audience.

fenome1423d ago

I was wondering if this was going to come to fruition. I know Gaikai had just signed a partnership with Samsung as well as other smart devices before they were acquired by Sony.

This is a nice big step in the right direction, now they've really gotta start building that library and pushing the service. Pretty soon this can be as common as Netflix and Facebook as far as apps go as long as they push it right.

freshslicepizza1423d ago

i see it more as a money grab to replace backwards compatibility and the extinction of the rental market as we know it. it was bound to fail unless they offer a subscription based model. no hard data will be revealed from sony as to how well its actually doing, which means there really is nothing to report as of yet. getting the service out there is one key area which bolds well with this deal but unless prices are rock bottom, i.e. monthly flat fees, nobody will really give it a second glance.

RDF1423d ago

After reading you comment one word popped in my head.


That is all.

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joeorc1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

100% this was about Expanding the Playstation Eco system to that of more than just "sony" only hardware. Again Some may say why than release a Dedicated Game console at all? that Q: is very easy A:

Would That Expansion exclude Sony from Releasing their OWN harddware to Take Advantage of Sony's own Eco System?

Or for that matter another 3rd party (Consumer Electronics) company doing the same! to Take advantage of that Playstation Eco system!

if the Large Consumer Electronic Companies that make TV's Say Samsung put inside the Smart TV's that they make put in better Arm Cortex Powered chips to take advantage of Such added Eco system, How does that Hurt Sony?

to Many Consumers it will be playing Playstation Games, Hell Even Sony may choose to put out a small streaming/local smart store gaming hybrid box like the "Playstation Tv" oh wait a min..LOL

from past future Playstation series Consoles, Sony could very well release as the main casual sysytem as a smart TV box, that still would not/ exclude a dedicated more expensive Game console that can still be released!

the Fact is Sony is taking that GaiKai investment and the more consumer electronics companies aside from Sony that take advantage of that Eco system = cheaper pricing for subscriptions for playstation Now which also = more content that can be added by even samsung themselves they could very make their own games to playstation Now because of Unity 3D being the standard high end game engine for Arm Cortex chipsets along with it works fantastic on not only the playstation Vita chipset which is Arm Cortex based, but also snapdragon and MIPS chipsets. with that in Mind

its also expand into Apple iOS and Android OS and maybe Windows Phone OS.

you can expand without going 3rd party completely, and still make a dedicated system, its The Expansion area to gain more consumer $$ without that consumer having to buy new hardware.
hell that also may mean, more dual shock game pads sold with other companies hardware..Grin

its not just the box that may or may not sit under a TV, say if a dual shock game pad now ships with the samsung TV, hell how about Vizio TV's, Panasonic, LG etc.. hey there is a playstation Game pad included with a TV!

to a number of mainly TV Using consumer , they may see that as enough, Netflix of Gaming was coined on this move from Sony when they did BUY GaiKai getting Samsung as just the 1st TV company on Board just may make that a viability.

CYCLEGAMER1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Mark my now will be the end of physical consoles (at least for Sony).

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DanielGearSolid1423d ago

Thatll make them some extra bank

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MultiConsoleGamer1423d ago

It's literally coming to everything.

Sony is preparing for life after the console market. Smart move.

christian hour1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

I like how instead of dropping buzzwords and marketing phrases like "the power of the cloud", sony have just been showing what their cloud service can do without even mentioning the cloud once (share play, psNow etc)

I really hope MS start showing off what they have planned for their cloud services(in regards to the gaming side of things) in the future and very soon, I'm sure they've got some good ideas in the works that will turn some heads.

At least I hope they do.

And I don't mean rendering in the cloud, that's only really feasible for very minimilist stuff at best with the average customers connection speed and the amount of traffic from the vast amount of xbox owners. The latency would be too noticeable for it to do anythign too heavy in the graphics department, I imagine it would be a return to the pop in that plagued Halo 2 (does anyone remember that halo 2 campaign pop in? I mean the original of course, not the remake).

All in all this is a great deal for gamers and non gamers alike looking to pick up a samsung smart tv in the future, especially for a die hard xbox fan that never played ps1/2/3 or someone who was born too late to experience the ps1 or ps2 in its heyday

CYCLEGAMER1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Christian Hour
Have you ever put any thought into why you don't like the buzzword "cloud"? From what I have noticed, out of all of the people I know and interact with in life and the internet, NO ONE has a problem using or letting other electronic companies use the word "cloud" EXCEPT GAMERS. IMO the only reason gamers don't like to hear the word cloud is because it is commonly used by MS, a company that a lot of gamers like to hate on. You do not hear Apple fans complaining about Apple using the buzzword "cloud".

I find this very silly because we know what the cloud really is, its basically a bunch of computers in a data center that holds, saves, and processes information and data. Why are we sensitive to the word "cloud" and wtf do we care if MS uses the word?? Sony does no use the word because they know that you hate it when their competitor MS uses Sony and other companies have no problem with it and use the word all the time, when they are not talking about video games. Its called being aware.

MS has demonstrated what their version of the cloud can and will do right now and in the future. They are also working on a ps now type service. Do a little research and you will find it. The bulk of it is just not ready for prime time (neither is Ps Now IMO) and doesn't yet fit MS standards.

rainslacker1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Most of them have no problem with the word "cloud", they have a problem with the cloud being used as a marketing gimmick that's a long way from practical use in the way it's said to be used, with no decent real world examples of what it can do. They don't like being treated like idiots by having buzzwords thrown at them just so said company can try and downplay it's shortcomings due to their lack of foresight in console design. Gamers also don't like that MS is trying to make standard cloud features that have been around for a decade be into some new thing that is somehow exclusive to X1.

MS tried to use the cloud terminology when they were under a lot of heat for a lot of reasons to try and redirect all that hate by hoping that gamers were stupid and would buy into the whole "Cloud will make the Xbox 3X more powerful" crap.

MS has demonstrated some things that could be done on cloud, but we haven't seen that in a released product(Please don't bring up TF AI). Oddly enough, NVidia is the only company that has shown what MS said the cloud would be used for initially, and NVidia said the technology was a long ways from practical implementation on the large scale. Crackdown seems to be the most promising thing right now for cloud, but what happens if you aren't connected to the internet, or will they also lock it behind XBLG?

More on topic, Sony isn't really doing this. They are just developing their product, and cloud isn't a term they really use for marketing. Sony is not promising the world with cloud, they just going to show it and let it sell on it's own.

christian hour1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Mostly because "cloud" computing has been around for decades, it's nothing new, but many different companies are trying to make it seem like its some magical new gift to humanity, instead of highlighting that all tahts really happened is technology has caught up with the method to make it feasible for a large portion of the population to connect to remote networked services. The internet itself is technically "cloud" computing.

I dislike any company doing it, especially Apple with its iCloud. I know some people who think Apple invented "The Cloud", they also thought they invented mp3s and the players to play em too. These are acquaintances of course, not friends :P

And yes I'm VERY aware about how uptight and anal I'm being here. It's one of those things I hate about myself, but at same time can't stop myself haha. I'm a little obsessive over details and as we all know the devil is in the details, (I also can't stomach the idea of the spread of misinformation.) So I guess its made me a bitter old soul, so don't take my begrudgery to heart, I'm just an old man out of touch with his own generation :)

ltachiUchiha1423d ago

its because of the huge catalog of games they have dating back to the psone. they just need to get the pricing and all for the service just right and this could be a huge success for them. this another place where indie studios will become a huge success too and is a huge reason sony are on the indie train. potential bling bling. this will be huge if this turns out the way they want it to go.

MultiConsoleGamer1423d ago

Both of you have written great comments.

This move will definitely be a huge success for Sony. It will also be great for the industry. Literally everyone benefits.

As far as Microsoft is concerned, I'm not sure they have the content to carry a service like this one. Nintendo does, certainly, but I'm not sure about MS.

ltachiUchiha1423d ago

PSNow is nothing im really looking forward to but it definitely has potential to hit a grandslam out the park if it succeeds & I agree Nintendo could also do the same and a few 3rd party corporations such as EA, Ubisoft, Capcom etc. etc. if they choose to because of their many franchises they have to offer. Sony already has a great start with this deal, all they need to work on is pricing and this thing could take off.

christian hour1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

I dunno, if Microsoft decided to start a streaming service with all the best Microsoft Games PC titles from the 90's and early 00's accessible on xb1 along with xbox and 360 titles, they'd definitely have a contender.

Sure it'd be mostly flight simulator and midtown madness with a slice of age of empires on the PC end, but... okay actually I honestly thought they had more on the pc publishing/developing end of things in the 90's/00's but I guess those were rose tinted glasses I was wearing, but they could definitely offer something sweet with Xbox Originals if they get a fair business model nailed down

Godmars2901423d ago

So, one: Are Sony going to advertise it, which they pretty much need to.

Two: Have they changed the prices that everyone has been complaining about?

pwnsause_returns1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Im assuming that if its coming to Samsung Tvs, im sure Samsung are going to help them advertise it as well

One thing is for certain though, this and PS vue means that they want to be the go to company when it comes to entertainment through the cloud, cause I can see PS vue being pushed outside of sony products as well. its not just for an impending situation of life after the console market...

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