5 Hottest Xbox One Exclusive Titles Coming 2015

As you know there is no much difference between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but some games can be different and exclusive. To fuel awesome gaming experience on Xbox One, there are 5 hottest Xbox One titles coming in 2015.

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Wizard_King1453d ago ShowReplies(7)
Barnaby-Jones1453d ago

Excited for all these titles! Also want to hear more about Phantom Dust and Rare's new game; Can't wait for 2015.

Stupid1452d ago

Scalebound and Quantum Break will be the most hottest title for Xbox1

XboxOneX1452d ago

Xbone are setting the standard for exclusives games for 2015 and I cannot wait to play some of these games.

IamDragon1453d ago

there is no confirmation that Scalebound will release in 2015

alihkathia1453d ago

are u from Gaming Media. how can you say this?

MasterCornholio1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

You dont need to be from the gaming media to know that those two games (Scale bound and Crackdown) dont have officially confirmed release dates. Which is why its wrong for the article to include them as games for 2015 without any official confirmation.

Thatguy-3101452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

They were simply CGI trailers so I doubt they're going to be 2015 titles. That's basically them saying "look this is coming to the Xbox". I'm surprised not to see rise of the tomb raider.

jb2271452d ago

I wonder how Rise will stack up for the holidays? It's a game that based off of its status as timed exclusive, absolutely won't be delayed regardless of the progress made. MS spent a lot of money to have that title as a heavy hitter for the holidays, and it won't get the benefit of the short delay that the first title had because that would make it lose sales impact. It's a short turnaround for a cross gen game if it's meant to be anywhere near what the last game was, just a hair over 2 years dev time (assuming that dev started right after the last game & that no in house resources were spent on the remaster of that title). Considering that the majority of games of 2014 that were pushed out for the holiday frame when they needed more dev time were pretty broken (Halo MCC, Driveclub, AC Unity, etc.), is it not at least somewhat likely that Rise could suffer the same fate? It's already got a snowballs chance of competing critically against the next gen only UC4, if it's buggy as well, that MS money will seem pretty squandered.

Manic20141452d ago

Yeah though we also got a CG trailer sunset overdrive and that got released 18 months later. There is still a possibility.

Hamzaali1453d ago

343 industries are gonna release Halo 5: Guardians , is it really true? or just a rumor? please can anyone tell me?

Hamzaali1453d ago

but how you know uit? i mean you have any proof?

Kingdomcome2471452d ago

You can find articles everywhere detailing their work on Halo 5. I just played the multiplayer Beta this past weekend. I'm not sure if you're serious or not.

ImAPotato1453d ago

Do you live under a rock?

crashbash1452d ago

Elvis called, he wants his hair back.

trywizardo1453d ago

i really want to see scalebound gameplay , this game will determine whither i buy X1 or PS4 (god of war reboot)

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The story is too old to be commented.