Rummikub coming to the Nintendo DS

Destructoid says: "Today, the Netherlands-based publisher Games Factory Online announced that they are overseeing the development of Rummikub for the Nintendo DS. Slated for a release in late 2008, Rummikub is sure to thrill DS fans with its stimulating play, graphical quality, and competitive intensity. The developer of the title, Engine Software, had nothing to say about the project.

But the general manager at Games Factory Online, Jirriaa van Rijswijk, had this to say about the announcement:

'When we acquired the official license for this game, we looked for a stable and experienced developer to turn the license into a [successful] release for Nintendo DS. With Engine Software we found the ideal partner for this project, and we are quite excited about bringing this product to the market in the near future.'

Rummikub was originally created in the 1940s. The object of the game is to pile as many dominoes as you can onto the table to create pretty patterns. Once the pattern is assembled, players can then count up points however they desire. The winner of the game is always decided by a coin toss or, in the event of a lack of coin, a fistfight. Rummikub can also be enjoyed with traditional playing cards as well, but the rules on how to play with a deck of cards is a closely guarded secret of the Netherlands' government."

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