The Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition PS4 Sold 38,000 Units In Japan

During the week of December 8th, Sony released a “Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition” PlayStation 4 in Japan. Japanese sales tracker Media Create reports that the special Dragon Quest-themed console sold 38,000 units, bringing total PS4 sales for the week to 68,041.

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Father__Merrin1366d ago

that should keep ps4 above all other consoles WW
thats how it should remain imo

sonic9891366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Its not like the ps4 is losing anywhere else, just some competition in the us which might end after the holidays otherwise worldwide ps4 is a beast the playstaion brand is very strong

pelida1366d ago

Maybe it will sell more with the Dragon Quest Heroes release

DarkAstronaut1366d ago

Without DQ releasing, it's a pretty big jump. DQ is releasing in about 2 weeks.

saposaposapo1366d ago

Shame it's getting a PS3 version as well, otherwise numbers would be huge for PS4.

DarkAstronaut1366d ago

I'm pretty sure they'll be more DQ for PS4 only in the future. =)

mkis0071366d ago

that is a large jump from previous months let alone weeks.

Eonjay1366d ago

What's more impressive is that DQ PS4 ONLY sold 38k which means that the other 30k were vanilla PS4. That is still a giant boost from the prior week. This means that general interest in the PS4 has risen in Japan.

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