Now it's Phil Harrison's Wii Controller

Spong: Is the US Patent Office is kidding you... because we're not.

Following yesterday's news that former Sony executive and now Atari president, Phil Harrison is being credited as the inventor of a touch-screen gaming device - he's popped up in the US Patent Office. This time he's noted as the inventor of "DATA TRANSFER USING HAND-HELD DEVICE".

From the look of the images relating to the patent, this will result in a Wii Remote-like controller. Here's the description with our bolding...

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Silogon3670d ago

Looks fantasicly lame and pointless, just like the wii mote.

thebudgetgamer3670d ago

but maybee he will make atati relevent again

Pornlord3670d ago

Does look wiiesque. Genius wording I suppose gets you away with that.

sinncross3670d ago

Phil did say that the PSP was meant to have the sixaxis ability in it but it was too expensive for the handheld.

Phenomenon3670d ago

Phil harrison invented

The ps2




xbox 360

wii (and wii mote)

Game boy color

Game boy advance.

Nintendo DS


Bill gates invented Dreamcast

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