New inFamous inFo, Screens

PSBlog: "Hey Everyone! All the Sucker Punchers here at HQ are super excited about the July issue of Game Informer (available at fine magazine stands everywhere). GI has a 10-page cover story on inFamous, our (deep breath) open-world-modern-day-super-hero-action-adventure game. The article does a great job capturing the best things about inFamous."

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meepmoopmeep3731d ago

anticipating this Sucker Punch new IP.
we need more open worlds not revolved around guns, criminals and hookers.

thePatriot3731d ago

to wash the stale taste of GTA4.

fenderputty3731d ago

finished GTA4. I was never a real big fan of the series, but I got caught up in all the hyperbole. There's no real point in me turning it in right now though. Not really any games I want until October.

On track ... I've been curious about this game for a while. I can't wait for E3. Hopefully we get blasted with info about a lot of games that are still shadowed in secrecy.

NO_PUDding3731d ago

You know, so ignorantly I never picked Bully up. Either way, Rockstar PS3 exclsuive should be excellent, unless GTA4 is anythign to go by.

I shall, I have B/C on my PS3, so why the heck not?

On Topic: The screens looks liek they ahve Sucker Punch personality. Like the poses show the animations will be good old Sucker Punch, and THAT is what made Sly Cooper for me.

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Adamalicious3731d ago

Really looking forward to this one, but I don't know if I want to know too much about it - preserve the mystery.

Rick Astley3731d ago

Sucker Punch have never let me down. Looking forward to it.

Fishy Fingers3731d ago

Very nice. Great lighting engine.

NO_PUDding3731d ago

I don't know... Pixelly shadows is all that bothered me.

And that has to be bullshot AA, becuase otherwise it's GODLY AA.

But I totally agree otehrwise, it's a tight lookign game, extremely tight. Not beauitful, but that's only down to the gloomy subject matter.

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The story is too old to be commented.