Naughty Dog's Secret:"Hire the Absolute Best People;" Pushing "to Get the Most Out of the Hardware"

Naughty Dog is now thirty years old, but what is the secret behind such longevity, and the ability to always amaze with top notch titles, over and over? A few of the key people within the studio and among those that worked with Naughty Dog gave their insight.

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ajax171423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

They certainly have proven that they hire some of the best people in the industry. I can't wait for more Uncharted 4 news!

Relientk771423d ago

The Uncharted 4 gameplay at PS Experience was awesome, so yea I too can't wait for more stuff about the game.

ltachiUchiha1423d ago

this just shows how much naughty dog is always trying to push to set the standard in quality instead of just pushing with a year installment for quantity to make quick cash. they truelly know their fans expect the best from them and is why they push to be the best. im such a huge fan that if one day they left and made only pc games. id buy a good pc just to play their games. thats how much i love this dev because u can count on them to deliver the best games.

XboxOneX1423d ago

Naughty Dog are the best Sony owned games studios, I give them credit where credit is due they are much better than Evolution studios who just RUINED what could have been one of the best racing games on the current gen consoles.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Naughty dog are one of the best studios period. Don't try to downplay them. Better than anything MS can dream of, that's for sure. And I hear DC is now fixed, so I don't know what you're talking about. You've probably never even heard of Evolution until the DC debacle.

medman1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

I'm fairly certain you've never played DriveClub, but anyway....
I was very down and critical of Evolution studios when Driveclub launched and the online was a complete mess....but they've worked very hard to make the game better, and right now it is night and day better than it was at launch. The improvements have been extremely positive, with the recent weather update adding a dimension of polish and quality I quite frankly wasn't expecting to be so damn good. If they keep improving and adding cars/tracks/features as they always planned to do, DriveClub is one of the rare games that fully managed to climb out of a horrific launch to become an absolute gem of a title.

Xavior_Reigns1423d ago

Evolution definitely deserved the criticism but not the attempted burial by some media (just searching for more clicks) and the bias sites. Yeah the game has its flaws but a lot of them are fixed now. Hopefully Evo doesn't make this mistake for their next release but here's the scary part. A Driveclub sequel has a ton of potential, add in a open (city) world hubs alongside locations like right now and customization. Throw in some off-road racing as well, basically combine Motorstorm and Driveclub... yeah mind blown.

jhoward5851423d ago

ND are truly the masters of game development. They're the walt disney of gaming.

core_51423d ago

Secret? This is standard

DarkAstronaut1423d ago

Few actually accomplish it though, Naughty Dog has.

gangsta_red1423d ago

Yea, all you have to do is see Duelshockers and that will tell you everything.

Seriously, what company doesn't say this or that for their hiring referral or objectives.

xHeavYx1423d ago

Gotta get your clicks somehow.
Title for next article "games that sell good give us money, according to Sony UK boss"

DarkAstronaut1423d ago

For pre-alpha Uncharted looks unreal. I don't think people understand the massive changes that come from moving from pre-alpha to alpha, so here's an example.

Bloodborne pre-alpha

Bloodborne alpha

MasterCornholio1423d ago

I remember that the first time we saw the Order and Bloodborne the framerate was horrid. Those games came a long way since the which is why I expect the same from Uncharted 4.

DarkAstronaut1423d ago

Yep. I can't find it, but the Order 1886 pre-alpha footage uploaded by a Spanish site literally looked closer to a PS2 game than a PS3 game even. It obviously doesn't look like that now, I fully expect the same from Uncharted. Driveclub pre-alpha footage was bad also, look at it now.

No_Limit1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Was this article needed? I mean not just ND or videogames, but isn't that the key to success of every company known to man? Scratching head again at the headline??

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