Killer PS4 Bundle with 5 Newest AAA Games and a Blu-ray for just £399.99

There is a rather interesting PS4 offer.

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driveclub1218d ago

Just wow, and Driveclub keeps getting better.

Imp0ssibl31218d ago

Agreed, wish we could say the same for Destiny...

XboxDD1218d ago

Destiny is fine. Sure, it's not Bungie's best work, but it's all right nonetheless.

tbone5671218d ago Show
hamzilla1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )


Your response just proves how thick you are. Have you even played or seen DriveClub?

snoopgg1217d ago

I would never buy a xboxone for Forza when the ps4 exists and a new gran turismo is on the way to blow the doors off of it!!!!!

1217d ago
PeaSFor1217d ago

tbone567, are we supposed to be surprised by your "ideology"?

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Stsonic1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

This is the price I paid for the grey PS4 with no games, but you do get the camera and stand.

HammadTheBeast1218d ago

If by grey you mean the anniversary edition, you could easily get $1500+ on Ebay for that.

Stsonic1217d ago

Yes the one with the ps1 logo. But I don't sell as I wants it.

Muzikguy1218d ago

I wish that was in the US! That's going to sell like crazy!!!

Alexious1218d ago

Not bad, but I already got those games and PS4!

GribbleGrunger1218d ago

In that case, there's no point in buying another PS4. Perhaps someone without a PS4 will buy it! You never know ...

Hellsvacancy1217d ago

Your logic is killing me please stop

boskoz1218d ago

It can be fun, if you happen to like everything in the bundle

OB1Biker1218d ago

Theres a choice of different games in the bundle if you check Game site

Festano1218d ago

Great, a bundle can not miss.

Death1218d ago

$300 in games and a $20 Blu-ray along with the PS4 for $399? That's an insane deal.

micx1218d ago

The price is written in pounds, so it's more than $399, but it still is a good deal.

$399 for that is beyond possible, it would definately be something if that ever happens.

traumadisaster1218d ago

Those games are not $300, each has been much less. Around a third of that would be closer, still great for those jumping in.

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The story is too old to be commented.