Why Do You Keep Buying Remasters, Remakes, and Definitive Editions?

OnlySP: The Holidays are up as you know, and when you open your gifts there is as much a chance of opening up an “updated” “remastered” or “definitive” version of a game you already played as there is an actual new one.

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BiggerBoss1300d ago

As long as plenty of new games are releasing, I dont really mind remakes/remasters.

For example, all of my friends played 360 last gen while i played ps3. I kept telling them how good TLOU but they just didnt understand. Now, many of them moved to Ps4 because of the terrible XB1 launch, and they finally got to experience TLOU. And guess what, they loved it.

If it hadnt been remastered, they would have never gotten to play it. And this goes for many of the other remastered games being released as well

Cra2yey31300d ago

Remaster such as TLOU makes sense, so is GTA5, we won't see another GTA for another 5-8 years. Remasters such as Sleeping Dogs don't make any sense.

jc485731300d ago

Sleeping Dogs is more like Complete Edition rather than Definitive Edition.

Yi-Long1300d ago

Sleeping Dogs is also a relatively lazy remaster, while Tomb Raider and GTA5 really had a lot of extra effort put in.

Why I buy them: In many cases because I haven't played them before. With The Last of Us and GTA5 it was pretty much a given they would end up on next-gen, so I simply decided to wait for those.

And for some other games, I would enjoy playing them again. I'm still hoping we'll see a PS4 release of Super Meat Boy. Also looking forward to experiencing Journey again.

Utalkin2me1300d ago

I don't buy remasters. If i haven't played the game previously i would buy remastered edition. But i will not buy it twice.

freshslicepizza1300d ago

remasters make sense for many reasons, namely so you can play the game on the best available hardware at the time. why buy a movie on dvd and then buy it again once it comes to bluray?

id love to see some old classics revisited and given the royal treatment. besides, not everyone has played these older titles and whats wrong with brining in new customers?

what should happen is these remasters coming out without impacting other development. this is why publishers should freely allow other development teams to handle it under their supervision.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1300d ago


I agree with you there. Average games do not deserve to be remastered. I bought Metro Redux because i've never played it and The Last Of Us was a no brainer. The rest of them I have absolutely no interest in, but choosing to buy a game is not up to me or anyone else.

Gwiz1300d ago

I agree with GTA5,visually and game-play (FPS view) upgrades.
The best redefined game i have played,some truly need to remaster their so called upgrades as they're very minimal.

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DarkAstronaut1300d ago

GTA 5R sold 3.7 million worldwide in 12 days.

TLOU sold better than most exclusives this generation and some combined even.

Sleeping Dogs sold next to nothing.

What does this say? There is a market for well done top tier remasters and none for your average remaster. Some will succeed, some will fail.

Publishers will learn one way or the other.

showtimefolks1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

some remasters make sense while other are nothing but money grabbing schemes. TLOU,Halo MCC, and GTA5 makes sense

than you have stuff like

Tomb Raider
FF remakes those which appeared on ps3 now will appear on ps4 same goes for these KH HD collections

and the ones which never happen:

GTA trilogy
more Zelda games in HD
i would love Uncharted trilogy

I want Okami and shenmue but will never happen

who knows man, why do people like me complain. there are enough new games so i guess remasters have a place in the industry

ginsunuva1300d ago

Too bad the first part of your first sentence isn't true right now.

Jerrymonics1300d ago

hell agreed with biggerboss

sanosukegtr1231300d ago

I would buy remastered or remakes depending on the game of course like for an example final fantasy 7 that would be a good remake don’t you think with the graphics of todays.

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Hellsvacancy1300d ago

I can't let go of older games, I think i'll play the Hitman games (excluding Absolution) Okami and Populous The Beginning to the day I die

no_more_heroes1300d ago

Personally, its mostly because I hadn't play the original version before.

Tried Tomb Raider DE on PS4 through GameFly because I missed out on it on 360/ps3. Will get it for ps4 when I return from vacation.

Not saying that I wouldn't buy one if I'd played the original before, but it would have to be a series I REALLY love. The only two I can think of that qualify are Halo and Kingdom Hearts (final mix versions and didn't get to play BBS). The rumored FFXIII series HD remaster doesn't quite qualify because, while I enjoyed them, I didn't love them THAT much for me to consider an HD remaster.

brew1300d ago

The only game I ever "re-bought" so to speak was MGS3 Subsistence.

But the major draw was the addition of online , and I wanted to play through the single player with the different camera perspetive. I got my money's worth.

jhpadilla1300d ago

The reason is simple: this generation had NO backwards compatibility whatsoever and also there were LOTS of awesome games in the last generation.

Loadedklip1300d ago

Wii U is backward compatible.

But based the amazing sales of both XB1 and PS4 this holiday ... the message is clear to video game console makers that consumers do not care much for backward compatibility unfortunately.

I doubt they will implement this type of stuff next gen unless it practically makes no difference in cost of developing their next console.

ShaunCameron1300d ago

And there you have it. The mass market has spoken. Backwards compatibility is not needed.

ginsunuva1300d ago

Last gen is still here.

Anyone who wants them can go buy them.