Amiibo cards could prove disappointing

Technology Tell writes, "There’s a difference between having a figure on your shelf, something that can make you smile when you see it. Maybe there’ll even be a fond memory behind it. In the case of my most recently acquired Amiibo, a Pit, I encountered the most helpful, Toys R Us employee who actually took the time to go back in the stock room, see if they did have one, then run out in front to see if I was still in the store to hand him to me."

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GordonKnight1450d ago

I can see paying for a figure, but I won't pay for a card.

If the card thing is true I hope they are free.

DarthZoolu1450d ago

Amiibo is pointless in any form.

marloc_x1450d ago

Time to call The Pokémon Company..

1450d ago
N4g_null1450d ago

These could come in a deck or it could be tied to a Nintendo account. A solid-state disk and card hybrid would be sweet. Plus cards can be pretty cool also if the come in small decks. Not everyone wants toys. Although cool I would like the ability to use cards with maybe a cool hologram or something.

MNGamer-N1450d ago

Nah cards are no good. Those just sit in your closet. Amiibo sit on your desk or shelf. Much nicer.

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