Final Fantasy XV’s Cid being a Cidney could be a good thing

Technology Tell writes, "Cid was always one of my favorite characters throughout the Final Fantasy series, especially the Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VII versions. I think anytime someone is attached to a character over a long period of time, any drastic changes are hard to accept. The fear is that the reimagined character won’t retain the traits that we hold dear to our hearts. Of course, this is before we know anything about the character and their part in the story."

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Tuxmask551455d ago

Why is it even a "thing"?

Hellsvacancy1455d ago

Becuase it's 2014, everyone including their dog has an opinion that HAS to go on the internet

camel_toad1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

You ain't lying. Im cool with it. Cid has always been a staple of FF but never the same person so who cares if Cid is a male or female. Not me.

fenome1454d ago

Exactly, Cid could've been a moogle for all it matters. Cid has always just been a random character, but always cool to know it's there..Kinda like a where's waldo kinda thing..

thegreatklemba1455d ago

it dose not matter what sex the character is. it only matters if they are interesting ,cid in 4 and 7 where so they good characters. I hate how people always bring it to gender like it matters at all

-Foxtrot1455d ago

It makes sense I mean you have to remember this was once a spin off of FF13 and of the main FF games in general so a different gender for Cid makes sense.

Godmars2901455d ago

No. It doesn't make sense on the basis you suggest.

In the broad sense of the entire franchise, Cid's gender is irrelevant.

Kalebninja1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

what does that have to do with a gender swap? it was simply somethi how was it a spin off of xiii? both games were announced and being developed at the same time. both being FNC games versus was simply suppose to be the darker one :/ it was always part of the main titles. ff xiii being all about light and versus xiii being all about death and misery.

Kalebninja1454d ago

ignore the beginning up until somethi- :/ dnt know why tht didnt get deleted after i edited...

Godmars2901455d ago

Only if she were more than fan service, much like the game in general.

jambola1454d ago

she is more than fan service
as you should know, she is a mechanic
so therefore your post is just wrong

Godmars2901454d ago

Did you miss Big_Game_Hunters' comment right below mine?

Cid this time around is nothing more than Chocobo cos-play character from FF13.

jambola1454d ago

1, the "Chocobo cos-play character" wasn't in 13
2, when the main character walked up to her she was working under a car, so she's obviously doing some kind of mechanic work, she's certainly not selling anything to anyone under there.

Big_Game_Hunters1455d ago

It's already been confirmed that she won't have a large role in the game other than a shop keeper type character, her gender is irrelevant.

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