MySpace reveals first DC Universe Online screenshots

BigDownload has posted the first screenshots for DC Comics and Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming PS3/PC MMO, DC Universe Online. The MySpace page also contains concept art by DC's Wildstorm Studios headed by comic art god, Jim Lee. There are also rumblings that the game will be shown at the San Diego Comic-Con later this month and a private invitation only party on July 25th.

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Silogon3695d ago

Awesome stuff, man. I love the look and feel of this one. It is remensiten ot the old DC but with a harder edge to it. I'll definatley check it out, even though I'm not into MMO's or online gaming much. However, anywhere the Flash is, I is.

ucantbanme3694d ago

I hate Dc's bad guys and villians. That's why i prefered the 360 Marvel characters. In dc you have a very small universe and in marvel you have access to so many more superheros.

sonarus3694d ago

I am strangely excited for this :D

ucantbanme3694d ago

U excited about a ps3 game? Stop the presses!
I dont understand the disagrees.

Polluted3694d ago

@ucantbanme: You're kidding right? I like Marvel and all, but the majority of the Marvel stable is relegated to New York City. Marvel characters with the exception of Hulk are just regular people who happen to have super powers. DC heroes are gods.

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AznSniper3695d ago

I didn't expect MySpace to debut this -_-. Anyways, it looks interesting, and hopefully, E3 will shed some more light on the game.

Rick Astley3695d ago

PS3 and PC huh? Maybe they'll show it at E3.

DJtyler3694d ago

Very intriguing. I am concerned however that in the coming years there will be greater and greater emphasis on MMO games and less and less single player games. We have seen evidence of this already when SONY dropped Getaway and Eight Days because of lack of online play. Let's hope for a future full of BOTH kinds of games..

blu3print3694d ago

cause I hardly play online

Voiceofreason3694d ago

I dont see how wanting online play is some how proof of a greater emphasis on MMO's. Halo offers online but isnt an MMO. Gears offers online but its also not an MMO. MGS4, Resistance, Unreal, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and on and on and on all offer online play but are not MMO's.

Clinton5143694d ago

But I guess this could work.

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The story is too old to be commented.