Booty found, another Ratchet game for the PS3

Siliconera writes: "The existence of Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty is a well documented rumor that we finally have solid confirmation for. The USK (the German ESRB equivalent) gave the game a rating of 12.

Since Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty was rated as a separate entity it is unlikely to be downloadable content for Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction. Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty is probably a new PlayStation 3 game. The current rumor claims Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty will be a downloadable PlayStation Network game.

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thePatriot3730d ago

me and Ratchet are on the same quest. we should form a guild
we could raid hooters

iamtehpwn3730d ago

but I'm on a quest for Booty Every Friday and saturday night.

mikeslemonade3730d ago

We just want Insomniac to work on Resistance full PS3 games.

mistertwoturbo3730d ago

I don't know, but this just sounds like a High School game for boys.

quest for BOOTY

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Silogon3730d ago

Hoping it's a continuation of FTOD, myself. A full 30 gb version at that. We don't need no damn add on for the next installment. We should've had an add on already for FTOD, if you ask me.

also, when Bryan said They weren't going to make trophies for R&C or Resistance it kind of made no sense. Why not give us something to do while waiting for your next game, man?

Lucreto3730d ago

I think Ratchet is getting trophies I was on the fourm and the admin said

" rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.


(disclaimer: this by no means indicates our status of trophy support" in a topic called "Topic: Will trophies replace skill points?"

also it is on this list

Tommy Vercetti3730d ago

Big surprise yet another Ratchet game. How many does that make now?
Seven? Don't get me wrong I think this was a great series but enough is enough. Insomniac is capable of making other great games (like resistance) I would like to see a new IP from them not yet another Ratchet game.

u got owned3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

They're really milking this series. The should concentrate in new IPs. They have prove that they're capable of doing great new IPs with Resistance. I totally agree with you.

fenderputty3730d ago

loves the series and the game. It's one of the few games that I get to play with her. On top of that, the last one was fun as hell and, ended on a cliff hanger. They're already focusing on new IP's RFOM and RFOM2 are both new and something totally different than they've done.

I personally can't wait for this. I hope it is an extension of TOD though.


dktxx23730d ago

The game are still really good though. AS long as quality is still present, and the games don't feel milked, then its fine.

ActionBastard3730d ago

If R&C had spiraled down to just a shell of what it once was (see: Sonic the Hedgehog), I would totally agree. But the games are a blast and well made. If they can continue making great R&C games, I say go for it.

Figboy3730d ago

Mario, or Zelda, or ANY franchise that's been running for over 10 years.

i mean, the formula for Mario and Zelda, at it's core, as NEVER changed since they're original releases over 20 years ago.

i mean, in Mario, you're still hopping and bopping enemies.

in Zelda, you're still Link, and you're still exploring various dungeons, finding keys, using the hook-shot and bombs, etc etc.

and yet, we still enjoy those games because they are impeccably designed, and are fun to play.

Ratchet is no different. i've been playing the series since the beginning, and i'm currently playing Size Matters on the PSP, and it's simply a fun series. there's something addicting about being leveling up every weapon, as well as Ratchet's HP. and the humor of the series is great.

as long as Insomniac keeps making fun Ratchet games, i think they should continue on. if Mario and Link can get away with it, why not Ratchet? they have infinitely more personality than "Mama Mia, Mario", and the silent Link. the cool weapons are always a joy to use also, and it's fun to see what Insomniac comes up with next in terms of weapons.

also something to consider, Insomniac has two teams in Burbank; one for Ratchet, one for Resistance. they just recently opened up a new studio in North Carolina. if that studio breaks into two teams, there will be FOUR Insomniac games being developed at one time. i doubt all four of them will be tied to Ratchet and Resistance. even Ted Price said in a recent interview that the reason why they started the new company was to not only offer work to the east coast, but because they have so many game ideas, and with their current set up, they wouldn't be able to work on them all. i'm expecting two new Insomniac IPs to be announced within the next 12 months (by E3 2009 for sure, one of them should be revealed).

let the Ratchet fans get their Ratchet fix, Insomniac will work on new projects to compliment them.

i'm looking forward to Quest for Booty, personally, no matter if it's a PSN title, or a full on Blu Ray release.

Torch3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I see your point, but from a business perspective, Insomniac doesn't care how many have been made, so long as the demand exists and the titles keeps selling like they do.

<COUGH> Nintendo!!! </COUGH>


Oh my God, spot-on the same wavelength. Again.

(Well, except that you said it so much tact, elaboration and elegance!...we really should compare our Genealogy history.)

Figboy3730d ago

separated at birth? a Torch and a Fig? isn't that a recipe for disaster??

anyway, glad you agree, i don't understand how games like Mario and Zelda ALWAYS get a free pass for recycling the same gameplay (and for 20+ years to boot), but god forbid a God of War, or a Metal Gear, or a Devil May Cry and even a Halo do what it does best in the sequel (and adding a new story. i mean, how many iterations of "Mama Mia! The princess-a has-a been-a kid-a-napped-a again-a!" before it gets old?), and they get reamed for it these days. the excuse of "well, it's Nintendo" is losing a lot of weight to me, and i've been a Nintendo gamer since the NES launched in 1985 and i was 6 years old.

i like the Ratchet and Clank formula, and as long as the weapons stay fun, and the humor stays intact, i don't care if they make a TOD 2, 3, 4, 5, etc, etc.

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Rick Astley3730d ago

Quest for Booty will be an expansion pack that continues the story of Tools of Destruction. It will explain what happened to Clank.

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