Xbox One: a surprise update for Killer Instinct

Owners of Xbox One fans RETROGAMING, especially the original Killer Instinct will tonight an update that will change the possibilities offered by the game.

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ion6661278d ago

I'm a ps4 dude and thats fruckin cool. I love the arcade version of the original killer instinct.

SteamPowered1278d ago

A PS4 dude? Maybe you want to tell us what kind of car you drive too? Your apologetic attitude to an X1 game is pretty sad. "Im a PS4 guy, but I'll stoop to an X1 game I guess."

ion6661277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I smell hate in your veins. Take your pills and get a blanket. go back to sleep. I give kudos to games I don't own. SOOOO what. I like killer Instinct.....But I guess It's cool to hate anyone who owns a ps4.

spicelicka1277d ago

relax, way to take it out of context.

Delsin_Rowe1277d ago

Street Fighter V is more frickin cool. You fall in love with their arcade version and is exclusive to PlayStation 4.

OldDude1277d ago

I got tired of Street Fighter on the SNES. SF4 and its 97 variants last generation were enough to make me sick of it for a lifetime. Its great you enjoy it, that doesn't mean everyone does.

Delsin_Rowe1277d ago

@OldDude what are you talking about everybody love Street Fighter here. I could see in your words that you actually love it so embrace the fight in the street.

jrshankill1277d ago

Have you played Street Fighter V? No.
Is Killer Instinct widely regarded as as an awesome beat-em-up? Yes
Your comment reeks of console fanboyism and has zero to do with the genre.

Gotcha51277d ago

You gone and done it!
You guys and your SFV or 4.5...what so new about it these guys still wear the same costumes I know their hygiene reeks. I am so sick of hearing about SFV it makes my dick soft. I'm so sorry to my KI fans but some things need to be said. These guys needs a 1st party figther but I guess Playstation AllStars botched that one.

peshkavusCA1277d ago

Stop Trolling Killer Instinct.

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Fireseed1277d ago

Or we could just continue playing KI... yeah let's do that.

Max-Zorin1277d ago

Nobody wants to deal with another wave of flowchart Kens.

Illusive_Man1277d ago

I have no idea what this article is saying.

slate911277d ago

LOL took a couple times to catch it. I think it is saying that killer instict classic is getting online multiplayer.

Gotcha51277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Thanks IG you been so good to us pumping out new content every month... I Congrats you at Iron Galaxy for not failing us (but that Kan-Ra guy is a bitch to work with).

MeliMel1277d ago

Huh? Oh ok...original KI getting online support.

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