Elder Scrolls VI: 10 Simple Fixes That Would Improve Everything

Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series grows stronger and stronger with each instalment, but for all of its plaudits however, it was not without its flaws.

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DanteVFenris6661392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Just went through first idea/complaint with skyrim and he's already wrong. hes talking about guards and how if you nick them they'll attack you until your dead. When in fact if you sheathe your weapon they will forgive you. Like seriously at least research guard AI before complaining about them.

Edit: problem 8: again fixed in an dlc, than there is an update that allows you to infinite level and thus getting every perk so it's not important to respect when you can become God.
Than the rest are just glitch problems or performance issues that skyrim needed to even run on those consoles. I don't really care about any of these 10. Not not of these is really an extra inclusision or creative feature

Bigpappy1391d ago

Whatever they make will sell well and do well critically also. Most likely be hailed as RPG of the year again and be revered by other RPG developers.

Stop kidding yourselves. They have their own unique formula, and mostly do as they please.

All I would like from them, it for them to go back to the complexity of Morrowind and stop all the auto leveling of ai and the hand holding. Other than that, They are my favorite developer and I look forwad to playing more elder scrolls

King_of_Nothing1391d ago

Cant agree enough about the complexity aspect. The whole dumbing down of stat selection,class system removal, and other rpg elements has really taken away from the game for me personally.

Canary1392d ago

1. Better writing.
2. Better quest design.
3. Modular quest design.

#3 is probably what bugs me most about Bethesda games, since there's no real reason to expect decent quest design or writing in the first place. I just really hate constantly getting sidequests that require you to travel across the ENTIRE map. Most quests should be fairly self-contained in a particular region. IE, in Skyrim, most of the quests you pick up in Whiterun should only involve locations and NPCs in that region--like the "D&D mini-module" Black Isle took with all of the big regions in Baldur's Gate II back in the day.

x5exotic1392d ago

1. Better quests, seriously the Brotherhood line was the only one that was immersing and felt exciting.
I think the best thing is just not to make the main character the god damn Messiah or something, where all the prophecies wank him nonstop. It's cool to have me do all this stuff but it takes away from the stakes a lot. Too grand a scale and nothing feels spectacular anymore.
I felt the Dragon story itself should not have been in the story, or just a build up subplot for a sequel while the Civil war had better focus rather than just a couple of sieges and a final battle.

2. VA variety, when some major character sounds like the Riverwood trader it just feels awkward.

Viryu1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

What I'd like to see in future releases:

1. Better animations. Currently they've barely improved on third person animations since Morrowind. There's so little of them, they feel clunky and unnatural, it makes combat feel like playing with dolls.
2. More perks! It was a great move to finally allow precise customization with Skyrim, but I'd really love to see even a bigger choice. So that every character would be truly unique, or could call themselves a specialist in their respective school
3. Great spell variety. Ever since Morrowind there was a tendency for less and less spells followed with Oblivion and Skyrim. I'd even go as far as say spell customization went poof after Morrowind's glorious days.
4. Sexy armours! Immersive armours are fine and all that, but when playing a female character, I'd at least like to have a choice whether I want to feel pretty or not.
5. Mana regeneration is fine and dandy in Skyrim, but thing is, sword and shield is still the way to go. I wanted to be a mage, I started as a mage, but when I picked up a shield I noticed that it's just way easier to just chop through everything while protecting oneself with a shield.
6. Spears! Spears! Spears! Spears! Spears! And helberds with fancy attacks! They were awesome in Morrowind, why were they even removed after that I don't know.

Talgrath1391d ago

At least two of these on the list are only applicable to consoles, valid gripes perhaps (I played it on PC) but not a problem with the series necessarily. Most of the other complaints seem to be pretty dumb too, they want the series to be something it is not. I do agree that combat improvement is important though.

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