“Eternal Darkness” Trademark Extension Granted to Nintendo

Back in 2013 Nintendo filed for the registration of the trademark “Eternal Darkness,” sparking hope for the return in some form of the action adventure by Silicon Knights. Recently the publisher requested and was granted an extension to the trademark, providing a sworn statement that it intends to use it.

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Neonridr1450d ago

Make it happen already Nintendo..

ShugaCane1450d ago

The name "Eternal Darkness" brings me back to the GameCube area, when Nintendo offered games like Metroid Prime, Star Fox Adventure, Baten Kaitos.....

Please, I do want a sequel to one of the best horror games of all time. Please.

camel_toad1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Me too - the game was great on so many fronts including scaring the hell out of me and messing with my own sanity at times, making me question what I was seeing.

Big_Game_Hunters1450d ago

Well we are getting starfox and Xenoblade(same devs as kaitos) now we just need that metroid

SolidGear31450d ago

Yess!!!! Please do it!!!!

traumadisaster1450d ago

Yea ninty, go frigging wild

Sitdown1450d ago

Volume adjustment and delusions..... ahh, the horror.

Morgue1450d ago

Still have my original copy and I remember when I first played it and that crap started happening, I got up and reset my system because I thought the game was messed up.

Sitdown1450d ago

Still have mine too; jumped up because I thought I sat on the remote.

GokuSolosAll1450d ago

A Baiten Kaitos HD Collection would be mind blowing.

Immorals1450d ago

First game I ever owned on my first ever console (was pc/gameboy prior to..).

Loved every moment, I remember my copy always glitched between Spanish and English randomly on the first few levels

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The story is too old to be commented.