Point: Classic gaming titan Nintendo will soon be revived

Is Nintendo in a Renaissance period or have they quietly handed in their badge and Wii Zapper?

While you may have been led to believe that gaming juggernaut Nintendo is teetering on its last legs financially, and some who shall remain nameless have asserted that customers are so over some of the company’s tricks, there is much to suggest that Nintendo is about to make a come-back faster than you can say “blue shell”.

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N4g_null1450d ago

Great article. Bravo! The only thing they need is a realistic rendering engine to show the world their system has power. Gamers want that eye candy moment. They also want some hype about tech. Output speak louder to adults but young people love hype more it would seem.

superchiller1450d ago

What's up with all these ridiculous pro-Nintendo fanboy fantasy articles? Is N4G now on Nintendo's payroll? The Wii U is a failed console, Nintendo bet the bank (again) that a cheap gimmick tied to crap hardware would reel the suckers in again, just like it did with the Wii; only this time, the scheme failed miserably. Unless Nintendo has a new console coming out in the next year or so, they're history; destined to move on to other silly gimmicks like their QOL garbage.

Vegamyster1450d ago

The Virtual Boy was a failed console, the Wii-U can still be profitable like the N64/Gamecube.

marloc_x1450d ago

Wii U hasn't failed to get your attention..

iNFAMOUZ11450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

well of course their going to make a comback, AFTER what 2 generations and seeing how xbox and ps have been raping their consoles nonstop with support
their hard headed, its all due to their older chair members up in nintendo, but nothing is wrong with that, everyone gets old and wants to keep their traditions or have a hard time being un hard headed

Alicornium1450d ago

Let's see it happen then.

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