The Perfect Organism: How Alien Isolation made me a fan again

Rely on Horror: The original Alien movie is one of the most finely crafted films ever committed to cinema. It was a triumph of technical production that forever changed people’s perception as to what both horror and science fiction could achieve. Alien began as a small horror film in 1979 that gestated inside pop-culture, then it violently tore its way out into a massive franchise. While I was born a decade after the original movie came out, I have been an Alien fan for as long as I can remember and it feels like I have been there since the beginning. From reading countless Dark Horse Alien comics to staying out way too late playing Capcom’s Aliens vs. Predator arcade machine with friends, I have experienced a plethora of the very best and worst of the franchise has to offer. In recent years however, there has been so much awful Alien media to the point that I was not even sure I considered myself a fan anymore. So when SEGA and Creative Assembly announced they were working on a new survival horror game called Alien: Isolation that was focused on being true to the original movie, I was convinced they could not successfully pull off what was promised. However, thanks to unwavering respect paid to the original movie, a committal to being a true survival horror game, and masterful blending of these two aspects together, it is safe to say the crow is all mine.

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oODEADPOOLOo1427d ago

"Alien Isolation is unclouded by compromise in the developer’s vision, remorse for the player, or delusions of mediocrity; and I adore it." hehehe nice use of the movie line.

Tsar4ever011423d ago

I never seen anybody write a review about a game so closely imitate my current feelings about this game is much as this reviewer has, My EXACT settlements, Exactly.