K-Mart discounts Xbox 360 HD DVD Player to $5.00

K-Mart stores have discounted Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 HD DVD Player to $5.00 as the retailer moves remaining units of the defunct high-definition peripheral.

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Dir_en_grey3734d ago

Damn that's a good deal even for just upscaling your DVD's. Wonder if it'll be easy to find though.

deeznuts3734d ago

For $5 it's worth it, just to say, "I bought the OTHER format" twenty years from now.

Just like betamax owners. Its an exclusive club - who doesn't want to be a part of a counter-culture????

vickers5003734d ago

S.O.B., I just went there after reading this article, and they dont have it :(

TheSadTruth3734d ago

it's hilarious people disagree with you..

Lifendz3734d ago

for anyone that bought that thing at full price. Ouch.

Masta_fro3734d ago

it would be funny if everyone suddenly bought one, and Bam! hddvd is back in the race!

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Xwow20083734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

a $5.00 for it.
i will buy it...wait i have a ps3.
what should i do......(thinking)
never mind i can use it like that

KingME3734d ago

I already own one, but for that price I'll buy two more for backups. in case the one I have breaks.

Chubear3734d ago

That's the dumbest thing I've heard this year so far.

Isaac3734d ago

Xbox 360 is about to be 3 years old, so my warranty is about to run out. I wish Xbox 360 was 5 dollars so I could also have a back up in case it breaks when the warranty ends. After all any rational consumer would want that after knowing they have defective hardware. But hey, I guess Xbox fanboys hate to be reminded they chose the wrong console so they have to call everyone else dumb. Thank goodness I have both.

Isaac3734d ago

It will probably be sold out

Voozi3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Even at $5 I still wont buy one lol

TruthBTold3734d ago

you can get your hands on some cool HDDVD that are dirt cheap and watch them. You would spend very little and have a good little collection of HD movies

shelbygt333734d ago

Even if you don't use it as an HDDVD drive, a $5 external DVD Drive is pretty cheap. Wouldn't be a bad deal if you owned, say, a macbook air... although I'm not sure if the air would recognize the hd-dvd drive.. prolly not. Oh well, sounded like a good idea in my head.