10 Reasons Why The Resident Evil Series Is Dead

So, what are the reasons for the downfall of Resident Evil? Sure, the franchise still reels in ludicrous amounts of money, and stands tall as one of the more-instantly recognisable names to have ever come out of the video game world. Oddly, as the brand has crossed over from gaming to film and pop culture, however, a lot of what made it great in the first place has been lost. It may suck, and even be difficult, to say goodbye to such an old friend, but has Resident Evil lost relevance amongst the video game community? If so, why?

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PoSTedUP1425d ago

10? i can narrow it down to two.

1.) %#&$ing capcom

2.) its not the same anymore.

Wizard_King1425d ago

the last 9 RE games and Capcom are the reason RE is dead.

breakpad1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

basically it mentions all the reasons ...but i will add 2 more obscure ones but very important ...1) is the lack of color and the addition of lame filter which try to imitate Holywood (lame)tactic to add atmosphere, first REs were clearly Capcom-made games with colorful (more natural looking IMO) environments and characters..(for ex Dragons Dogma that didnt have lame filters to dictate his presentation was a far more better survival horror game in some sections and far more atmospheric like the first REs)
...2)ndly i say that RE MUST be more grounded in their sci-fi story in order to be frightening like the first RE, trying to imitate westerns artless games with undefined over grotesque adversaries is loosing any tension and atmosphere ..simply more grounded story close to reality ->more scary game..(Shinji himself has said it first)

gangsta_red1425d ago

6. Overblown Set Pieces

I think number Six is the main reason RE fell off. I have to say it's due to the popularity of the live action movies. I think Capcom saw how popular and successful those W.S. Anderson movies were and thought that is what the public or new found fans expect the series to be.

So, instead of tense, moody atmosphere...we get military, Michael Bay, shoot 'em up action. It's a real shame because it's not what made RE great in the first place.

Also the story became ridiculously convoluted. I mean after Umbrella a new company pops up and now there is this Plagues(?) disease or something, it totally lost me, not to mention each past RE character is now some super human agent. Leon was a rookie cop for crying out loud and now he's 007 in charge of rescuing the president's daughter...when the heck did that happen?

The RE games while a far cry from the originals at least have a quality and are still fun to play but I don't consider them RE games anymore. I call the game Action Man Fighting Alien Soldiers now.

As of now the only way to salvage this once great franchise is to completely re-boot it. Or as I read spin it off with Revelations and keep that series close to the original RE roots, hopefully.

Testfire1425d ago

I had fun in co-op in RE6, but it never felt like a RE game. Never scary or suspenseful and no feel of survival. It was an action horror game with the emphasis on action.

tanukisuit1425d ago

When they put that "dinosaur" boss for Leon's campaign, I thought "oh, this does not bode well for the other portions of the game...".

It was okay, but I honestly felt like I was playing some other third-person/action game, lol.

gantarat1425d ago

IN/ON RE 6 artwork book Simmonds suppose to transform like Birgin (G) Not T-rex or Fly

ShaunCameron1425d ago

Simple. Experience is what happened. Leon can't stay being a 21-year-old rookie cop forever.

gangsta_red1424d ago

A rookie cop to a secret agent in charge of protecting the President and his daughter.

That is one hell of a career move from being a rookie beat cop.

Number-Nine1425d ago

it's been dead. now it is a zombie.

tanukisuit1425d ago

*nom nom nom*

Instead of S.T.A.R.S, they should say "CAAAAAAPCON"

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