Metal Gear Online’s Servers Launch Simultaneously With MGSV: The Phantom Pain’s Release

The servers for Metal Gear Online will launch simultaneously with the release of Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, MGO creative director Kotaro Oki announced.

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Clown_Syndr0me1088d ago

I'm not going to get excited about another MGO. Went through that on PS3 years ago, and it sucked!

scark921088d ago

Well I loved it, One of my favorite online experiences personally!

dreamed1088d ago

I never got to play it,but if its got tactics and team play like classic Clancy games,then i'll be all over it.

The new mgo trailer looks good,but it also looked very scripted/rehearsed,bit like the battlefield trailers are every year.

I got to say i'm really looking forward to TPP though gonna be my goty for 2015.

nX1088d ago

It's Metal Gear, how could this suck in any way? Maybe it's not his taste but that doesn't mean it's bad.

DarkAstronaut1088d ago

That's great. But alot of people liked MG:O and IMO MGSV:O looks fantastic.

Shuyin1088d ago



Sounds terrible...and it's incorrect.

It's just MGO, please.

Dirtnapstor1088d ago

The gameplay was good, but I know what you mean by "sucked"...the constant updating and syncing was ridiculous!

nX1088d ago

That's one thing I can agree with but I doubt that was his agenda :D
In any case, I don't think we'll see another Konami ID disaster this time.

Clown_Syndr0me1088d ago

I don't really remember the game, but I remember having constant problems with it at launch. It tainted my experience so that's all I even remember of it.
I probably never gave it a chance because of the bad initial experience. I vaguely remember something about Konami IDS doing my head in too, didn't understand the need for them.

MazzingerZ1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

Konami ID and updates sucked but the game was pretty awesome, so different to any other game out there, it looked gorgeous and the nanomachines idea for teaming up was great.

I have high hopes for MGO III

elninels1088d ago

You didn't enjoy it. It didn't suck. Don't be so confident in your own opinion. You didn't back it up. Go ahead and try. See what happens.

00whistler001087d ago

Personally I loved MGO, I never got to experience much of MGS3's online mode but MGO that came with MGS4 was great in my opinion, was gutted when the servers went down for it.

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Omar911088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

I just hope it doesnt have that kojima ID.

And can we please get a release date already? Its been way too long

DarkAstronaut1088d ago

Those things were super annoying. What a terrible idea.

LackTrue4K1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

I guessing this means! MGO will be included with the copy of the game! Can't wait, wish I had more time withs it's online on the PS3, I love On it how they ranked players by there skill. And not just the time they spend online with it.

Agree with Omar, that crap was a waste of time with the Kojima ID's

LaFleur1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

MGO is indeed included with The Phantom Pain! Konami confirmed it earlier this month.


1088d ago
error131088d ago

Hopefully a beta will be released to test the servers before the release of the full game.

scark921088d ago

I was in the beta in MGO2 :D, I wonder if we have to use a separate Online ID once again..

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