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GameOnDaily take a look at the latest installment of the dragon age saga - Inquisition.

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Volkama1427d ago

Dragon Age is great. The facial animations are a little stiff, and there there is too much to do (I'm still in the Hinterlands, and I can't really remember why), but it's gotta be at least one of the best games to release this year.

Impressive that they crammed all that game onto the 360 and PS3.

FullmetalRoyale1427d ago

I love it so much. I just hope that my fellow party members have failed to realize that my glorious beard seems to be crudely attached to my face.

From certain angles it looks like a fake Santa beard. lol

The game is fantastic, though!

Volkama1427d ago

4k resolution, tesselation, ambient occlusion, fade touched textures and yes, a strange fake beard. And hair that clips through the ears.

Could be worse though. In Destiny you aren't even allowed a beard at all.

SuperDan-Dare1427d ago

Destiny: We have evolved beyond the need for beards...

Septic1427d ago


That's a devolution if anything :P

Sokol1427d ago

Amazing game, 118 hours in single player, half way through the story mode and still have quite a few side quests to do.

Not to mention I have little over 15 hours into the multi-player as well.

That's how you make a RPG :)

SuperDan-Dare1426d ago

Spot on - completely agree.