Castlevania Judgment Magazine Scans

Magazine scans of Castlevania Judgment, a fighting game for the Wii.

So far 5 characters are set to be in the game, which includes Simon Belmont, Alucard, Maria Renard, Shanoa, and Dracula.

The character design is by Obata Takeshi, who is famous for his manga "Death Note" and "Hikaru no Go".

Images are attached to this article, click on them again to view the full size of the scan.

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Dir_en_grey3666d ago

Simon looks like a buff Yagami Light, and Maria looks like Misa-misa.
Dracula could said to be look like Light's dad. =)

Too bad that Alucard doesn't look like L though... =(

ChickeyCantor3666d ago

Simon looks Metro sexual XD
Alucard looks girlish....
But if the connectivity between the DS and this game is going to be what i think its going to be then i must have it..

ChickeyCantor3666d ago

"Though pounding your opponent into oblivion is your primary concern during battle, you'll also want to pay attention to your surroundings. Inspired by past Castlevania games( and feature remixes of classic castlevania tunes), the wide-open stages which will include an ornate gold-trimmed hall. a cavernous underground waterway, and creepy moonlit ruins- feature numerous interactive elements to aid or hinder you in combat
you can destroy parts of the environment to reveal weapons or power-ups, you can throw object at your opponent, and you can set deadly traps.
you'll also have to deal with enemy monster-zombies, for instance that interfere with the battle."