Sony to launch fourth version of PS2 by Diwali

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) will be launching the fourth version of PlayStation 2 (PS2) by Diwali this year. This will simultaneously be released in the European and Indian markets, said SCE country manager (PlayStation) Atindriya Bose to ET.

The higher-end version promises to be slimmer, sleeker and more suave in its looks. There will be no more external AC adapters, all of which will be in-built and the product price will also be the same as the earlier version (Rs 6,990).

SCE India will also be launching the playstation network for their PlayStation 33 in India, which will allow gamers to download free games and also buy them online. This portal is already available in the US and Europe.

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niall773731d ago

.. they could fit it inside a PS3

Foolsjoker3731d ago

Basically they did for the 60/20 gb versions. =)

eagle213731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

They said that ps2 is still opening new game markets. PSone and ps2 shipped/ships in over 120 countries worldwide. Serious business.

I provided a noob link from an 2005 IGN news article for Mr.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

PlayStation 33??? I only went away to make a cup of Tea, and 5 minutes later when i looked on this site PlayStation 33 is already out!!! ;-D

eagle213731d ago

I guess your great, great, grandkids will make that

OgTheClever3731d ago

I made a mistake in editing this article and now it turns out that the PS33 has been released in India

Damn them for using PS-2 and PS-3 rather than PS2 and PS3.

thePatriot3731d ago

but are they backward compatible with my ps28

Snarko3731d ago

They say Home is on track to be released for the ps33.

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The story is too old to be commented.