Square Enix explains Final Fantasy Agito Plus delay

Tabata points to problem within the development environment.

Final Fantasy Agito+, the PS Vita version of the free-to-play smartphone game, was originally planned for launch in Japan on January 15. But it was delayed in October to an unspecified date. In this week’s issue of Famitsu, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD director Hajime Tabata explains the reason for the delay.

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WeAreLegion1370d ago

"We've heard the fans! After much deliberation, we've decided to release Final Fantasy Agito Plus exclusively for the Super Famicom. Thank you for your patience. Merry Christmas."

NegativeCreep4271370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

If today was 1993 I would have taken your word for it, but I clicked and read the whole story and nowhere does it say anything about the Super Famicon. So honestly...WHAT...THE...HELL.. .are you smoking right now???

WeAreLegion1370d ago

It was a joke.

Square Enix keeps making ridiculous decisions that make absolutely no sense.

MeteorPanda1370d ago

you..can't be serious NegativeCreep427...

And yeah, that's square in a nutshell.

trenso11369d ago

some people just don't understand a joke a when they see one....

SolidGear31370d ago

*cough* ff vii ps4 "remaster" *cough*

GokuSolosAll1370d ago

Just put it on Vita instead.

Kurisu1370d ago

Agito+ is going to be on Vita.

GokuSolosAll1370d ago

I meant "already" instead of "instead" lol.