PS4 and Xbox One: 7 Best Upcoming RPGs Looking Forward in 2015

2015 will be a gaming year for the Xbox One and PS4 users, many famous titles are going to release in al genre – Action, Shooting, RPG as well as sports. For now here are best RPGs titles that you should play next year on Xbox One and PS4.

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DivineHand1251400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Great list. I don't want to sound like a fanboy but based on this list and if you are a RPG fan, then the PS4 seems the console to own for 2015 since a couple games here are only on PS4.

TheGreatGamer1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Only one title is indefinitely a ps4 exclusive on this list, which is Bloodborne, pc is the place to play if you want the biggest catalogue of RPGs. X1 and PS4 will get a nice selection though, only wish they got more.

DivineHand1251400d ago

No one is arguing that the PC won't have a larger list of rpgs to choose from however there are a few titles on the list that are not announced for the PC such as persona 5, final fantasy 15 and bloodborne. Some of these may eventually make it to the PC in the future but not probably not in 2015.

nitus101399d ago

Depends if you like PC gaming or console gaming. Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

bouzebbal1399d ago

My most anticipated RPGs of 2015

The Order 1886
Batman AK
Uncharted 4
Ratchet and Clank PS4

Smh at this article...

user55757081399d ago

final fantasy type zero HD should really be on this list. its gonna surprise a lot of people

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JudgmentJay1399d ago

Good list but would change out Dead Island 2 with Dying Lights

InTheZoneAC1399d ago

I hate it when people say, "IMO" or "don't want to sound like a fanboy", just state your opinion because that's what it is, who cares what this simpletons think?

DivineHand1251399d ago

You have to put those things in front of your comment sometimes because people will try to argue against your opinion as if you were trying to state them as a fact. The effect they give is to prevent flame wars and encourage discussion.

ZombieKiller1399d ago

I agree with abzdiine....these games are not RPG' is DmC in ANY way, an RPG? Lol FAIL!

Truthfully, from this list I am looking forward to Bloodbourne and I might give Dark Souls II a try when it comes to PS4.

Dead Island, DMC4:SE, Arkham Knight and the Witcher I'm REALLY looking forward to. NONE of which are RPG's...

...maybe you guys would notice if you weren't too busy arguing about who has the better of the exclusives.

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Gaming247allday1400d ago

All these remasters, but no one remasters KOTOR, please some one remaster KOTOR

Roccetarius1400d ago

Misleading title, since you're including games that are the complete opposite of RPG. Well done.

Lord_Sloth1400d ago

Indeed. I came here to say this as well.

Back-to-Back1399d ago

I saw DMC on there and was scratching my head after seeing that.

Chevalier1399d ago

It is weird they list DMC and Dead Island, but, don't mention Final Fantasy type 0 and other potential releases like Fairy Fencer F and Dragon Quest Heroes. Omega Quintet is dated for the PS4 for next year as well. If your going to call DMC a RPG then why isn't One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 not on the list?

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jambola1400d ago

stop putting ff xv on 2015 lists
the game isn't and never has been in any way confirmed to be released in 2015

Kurisu1400d ago

You're right, b-but demo!

jambola1400d ago

I'm by no means saying it won't be out in 2015, and i will stay optimistic, but it bugs me how many of these lists of games in 2015 include this game

SolidDuck1400d ago

Dmc might have rpg elements. Like almost all games nowdays. Dmc is an action adventure game. Hack n slash combo based. Much like god of war, beyonneta, and ninja garden. All diff in ways but in the same genre. Great games but not rpg's.

Ultr1400d ago

Hmm I didn't like the grass cutting mechanics in the new ninja garden.

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