Harmonix Holiday Sale Discounts Rock Band Games, DLC In Time for Christmas

J Station X: "Harmonix have slashed the prices on multiple Rock Band games and their downloadable track packs in time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve."

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traumadisaster1456d ago

I only play a few times per year anymore but what about the songs that lost their contract and had to be removed? Should I not let it update?

JLynn9431456d ago

The songs just get removed from the store. So long as you've already bought and downloaded them, you're fine to do any updates.

o-Sunny-o1456d ago

R.I.P. I bought over 1000 songs and I wish I could say still counting. We love you Rockband. <3

BabyTownFrolics1456d ago

Bring Rock Band to Next Gen!