Destiny- Its like crack cocaine

"I admit it. I’m hooked. Whilst it’s apparently cool to hate on Destiny like a clear-lensed hipster glasses wearing prat, I can’t quite put my finger on why I love playing it so much. "

Gameondaily's The Mouth enthuses about why he's hooked on Destiny.

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Toiletsteak1426d ago

You clearly haven't tried Crack cocaine.

pompombrum1426d ago

I've done similar drugs in the past and actually think the comparison is spot on.. at the time it feels great and life is great when doing/playing it but once you stop you reflect on your time and question whether it was worth it or not and know that you'll probably never go back to it.

ChronoJoe1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Substance abuse disorders are actually associated with manipulations of neurotrasmission. Dopamine is part of your bodies natural reward system, and is also manipulated by drugs like cocain and heroin.

Similarly, video games have been shown to activate the same neural circuitry, with the operant conditioning based reward systems of games like Destiny, activating your body's natural reward systems.

Subsequently, models of addiction that incorporate dopamine would suggest that both narcotics and video games like Destiny, can be considered appealing, or in some cases addictive because of this similar manipulation of neurotransmitter.

In short, this analogy is actually quite apt.

Sokol1426d ago

I agree with your definition but raise a question.

Excessive gaming is not healthy by any means however I don't believe it's fare to put life threatening drugs that many people die from in the same category as longer periods of time spend playing a video game.

It true that if you don't eat or drink for hours and days, gaming can be fatal however, those cases compared to world population that is addicted to drug abuse isn't even compatible.

That's my look on it.

joab7771426d ago

It's true that crack is among the worst and has devastating consequences, but...

Games like Destiny, and even more so other mmo's do work in a similar way, with the reward center in your brain. You become addicted to the carrot in front of you, which gives you the high that you are looking for.

I would love to see a study done, but I am guessing that many ppl who are addicted to video games may also be prone to, and should stay the hell away from drugs like Cocaine and heroin.

Phoenix761426d ago

Destiny- Its like crack cocaine - costs £50 and only lasts a night :-D j/k

UKmilitia1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

nah more like always chasing that first buzz that u know u can never get and u just get the grind of reaching for the high!!

on another note i do enjoy popping on at times ,but the thing is i feel like im getting no reward from it.

oh and the fact that acc shards are too rare(18 to upgrade each armor ffs)

Morgue1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Yeah. I had a 3 week binge then stopped. Now I'm a " casual " user.

Wikkid6661426d ago

Sure is... not going to waste my time or money on either of them.

Crazay1426d ago

Maybe for the weak of mind. Destiny was great for the first 4 hours then quickly got dull. I haven't touched it since i finished it the first time.

objdadon1426d ago

Lol, weak mind? If you like destiny then you have a weak mind? Lmao! Idiot gamers these days!

Crazay1426d ago

No knucklehead - if you think that Destiny is akin to illicit drugs then you're weak of mind. LMAO idiot responders these days.

spaceg0st1426d ago

Yup. Biggest digital purchase regret yet. Wish I could ebay it for $35

Cstahler92RNG1426d ago

4 hours is a bit too long TBH

Ghost_Nappa1426d ago

Author dismiss's anyone who dislikes Destiny as simply following a trend, douchebag.

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