Sony Investigating PS3 Firmware Complaints

Sony has confirmed to Next-Gen that some PS3 gamers have encountered issues with the recent 2.40 firmware update.

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Spike473522d ago

Maybe you should talk to Kotaku about that. ;)

Genesis53522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I just went to down load it and it's been temporarily taken of line.

(4:30pm EST)

niall773522d ago

but I have had no problems with 2.4.

RememberThe3573522d ago

I can't even download it... I want it too :(

Nitrowolf23522d ago

try downloading it from there site or look for an alternite source with 2.4
use some type of portable storage device
that what i did and it downloaded fine

krik3522d ago


You can't download it because Sony pulled it back due. Most likely due to the "freeze" issues after updating (I got it but fixed it by reformatting my HDD).

KYU21303522d ago

atleast they are responding fairly quickly to identify the issue and resolve it.. whatever it may be

Pornlord3522d ago

What a suprise, the FW came out today, there are a few problems to be expected, and Sony is on the issue SAME DAY. /sarcasm

Sure, 2.41 is coming, this is just an infostructure for future updates to grab onto. Problems will be handled swiftly as always. Way to go Sony.

shine13963522d ago

hmm...what if they actually release a firmware version without the crashing etc...? firmware updates are not just software updates they are hardware as well, bad firmwares are pretty serious...

wolfehound223522d ago

Nothing to see here. Firmware was released had some issues which only effects a small percentage. Sony responds rather quickly new firmware up in running in few days. Rinse repeat for the next go around. No problem sh!t happens.

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The story is too old to be commented.