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"A distinct, unshakeable sense of unease hung over me as I played my way through The Talos Principle. It wasn't the fault of the game, at least not in the conventional sense, and it was far too meta for my brain to accept the possibility that it was intentional. Storytelling? Gameplay? No, despite their efforts to pry open my head and pour in some cold, fresh ideas, they weren't the source. It was Serious Engine 3. As I wandered – or more often, bunny-hopped – through the game's myriad of peaceful gardens, ancient temples and crumbling ruins, I just couldn't shake the feeling – even in such a quiet, contemplative setting – that around the next corner waited a minigun, a horde of headless screaming kamikaze bombers, and a bombastic musical cue or two. Croteam's famous FPS series has been their only notable product for so long that I – and, I suspect, many others – had just assumed it was all they were capable of, and all that their engine would ever be used for. This, then, is my public apology for doubting you, Croteam. I'd send you a cake or something, but considering the number of insufferable comparisons I've seen between The Talos Principle and Portal, you might take that the wrong way."

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