IGN - The Best Reviewed Games Of 2014

IGN - IGN reviewed hundreds of games in 2014, but these 29 stood out above all the rest to earn our Editor’s Choice award by earning a score of 9.0 or higher. Here’s what that score means to us:

9.0-9.9 - Amazing

“We enthusiastically recommend that you add these games to your to-play list. If we call a game Amazing, that means something about it seriously impressed us, whether it’s an inspired new idea or an exceptional take on an old one. We expect to look back at it as one of the highlights of its time and genre.”

Read the rest of our review scale here.

When you pick up one of these, you can be confident you’re getting one of the finest of the year. Note that this list are the best new games and substantial expansions to arrive this year - so that’s excluding the outstanding re-releases of games from 2013 and before, like GTA 5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One or The Last of Us: Remastered. No disrespect, but they've already had their moment in the spotlight.

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radler1451d ago ShowReplies(2)
Grell5661451d ago

Totally agree with the list.

CaspuR1451d ago

smash bros is going to be in my gaming rotation probably until the next systems come out.

Gemmol1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I agree one hundred percent with the list, good job this year for Nintendo, they got a couple on there that were exclusives only