Dota 2 star Raymond Sharky Wong passes away

The Eccentric Gamer writes: "South-East Asian veteran Raymond ‘Sharky’ Wong Kie Yong has passed away. The current G-Guard and former Orange player has reportedly passed away in his sleep with the cause of death unknown yet. Rest in peace young star."

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PoSTedUP1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

my age thats tragic, RIP man.

CptEccentric1279d ago

Indeed, i wonder from exactly what he died, i will update the news post as soon as i know more

chippychan1279d ago

Condolences to his family and friends. It's shocking when someone so young dies unexpectedly.

ATi_Elite1279d ago

It's heart breaking when people die young as they haven't really experienced all that life has to offer.

CptEccentric1279d ago

Definately, I still remember watching some of his games, the guy was good!

Revengeance1279d ago

Someone gone too soon. He had his life ahead of him. It's always sad to see someone in the gaming community pass away.

RIP to him.

NarooN1279d ago

Wow just a year older than myself... Always sucks when one dies so young. Just reaffirms your mortality to hear things like this. Rest in peace, brother.

CptEccentric1279d ago

Yeh man, thats why we must live every day to the fullest tbh

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The story is too old to be commented.