GTA V Los Santos vs Real Life Los Angeles Comparison Screenshots, Rockstar Games Nailed It Perfectly

Take a look at these GTA V: Los Santos City vs Real Life Los Angeles comparison screenshots.

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Scrivlar1333d ago

I just showed 4 of these to my parents and asked them to tell me which was real life and they got them all wrong haha! Incredible from Rockstar!

KingWookiee1333d ago

Why do I find this hard to believe? XD There is a huge minimap in the bottom of the screen. If I recall correctly, real life doesn't have minimaps but I could be wrong.

BlackPhillip6661333d ago

Not everyone's parents are computer literate ;).

KingWookiee1333d ago

I don't think you have to be computer literate to see the map XD

RedSoakedSponge1333d ago

total load of bollocks lol. his parents are obviously either lying to him, blind, or this never happened.

nicksetzer11333d ago

Right there with you, especially considering there is a giant map and hud on the game pics. Not sure who would think real life has a hud...

pompombrum1333d ago

Lol! In some of those pictures, the radar is the only way I can tell which one's a game and which one is a real life picture.

JamesBondage1333d ago

I dont know, the first time i played GTA5 my girlfriend asked me what movie i was watching, and that was on the PS3

mattdillahunty1333d ago

the game looks great, no question. but even without the HUD, it's blatantly obvious which ones are screenshots and which ones are real life. GTA games have never had top tier lighting, and the textures aren't that great either. GTA graphics have always been impressive because of their scope and attention to detail. those things bring the world alive when you're playing the game. but in screenshots, many other games look better than GTA.

Scrivlar1332d ago

Haha why would I lie?.They just have no concept of video games and didn't even notice it, pretty impressive!

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edrussell1333d ago

Should have gone to specsavers.

UKmilitia1333d ago

lol yeah right.

while its impressive there is a huge difference regardless of map

SlapHappyJesus1333d ago

I'm sorry, but both your parents need to visit an optometrist, and fast.

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billybehr1333d ago

Pretty cool. However, some of the trees in the pictures of Los Angeles look strange. Almost like they put a filter on them or something... Still an incredible job Rockstar.

impet251333d ago

I was playing the game and my mom walks into my room saw me playing and instantly asked me if it was LA. My jaw dropped I was like wtf how do you know. Mind you my Mom is 60 and doesn't know a thing about video games.

Soc51333d ago

Your mom is 60 and she walks in your room while ur playing? How old are you?
What did she have you in her late 40s? Lol sorry just sounded odd I pictured this 40 year old living with his mom

Matt6661333d ago

Nothing is perfect and that's why I would never give a game a 10/10

BattleTorn1333d ago

:S I first saw these posted on my FB, and I thought they were last-gen vs current-gen.. whoops. (granted I only glanced)

The first pic seems oddly matched with the wrong bridge.

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