Quantum Of Solace: Can There Be A Better Bond Than GoldenEye

Game Informer writes:The question on everyone's mind: Can there be a better Bond than GoldenEye? The team behind Quantum of Solace thinks so. It seems that casting dark horse Daniel Craig as Bond in Hollywood produced a ripple effect, allowing opportunities for departure from the traditional Bond formula in the realm of video games.

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PoSTedUP3734d ago

we wouldn't mind if they RE-MADE goldeneye with better graphics. im defiantly getting this one though : D

Smacktard3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

This looks like just a carbon-copy of Goldeneye, with updated graphics. There's just too many ways they can make it fail though.

I've always felt that they don't put as much love and care into multi-platform titles...

I also think they're gonna pack this one with too many stupid gimmicks. What I liked about Goldeneye was that you could just goof off, and the game wasn't that serious. Every Bond game since then has felt serious. I don't like that.