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Driveclub didn’t exactly experience the best launch when it came out in October. Although visually jaw-dropping, the game has been experiencing some serious server problems with players being unable to access one of the reasons to get this game – the multiplayer mode.

How does the game fare after the recent patches? Read the review at Paradiger.

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Mechanism1368d ago

I would usually say it is unfair to review the game after launch, but considering games like AC:Unity and Halo:MCC got many free passes for horrible launch problems i'd say this is fair enough.

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TedCruzsTaint1368d ago

I'm sorry . . . what free pass did either of those titles receive? Unity has been blasted from launch, whereas MCC has received its fair share of hate; only getting by on the fact that many come for the single-player as well, and that the developers have been open and accommodating to customers.

Oschino19071368d ago

You lost all the credibly and respect when you blocked me for being reasonable and challenging your view. Petty doesn't even begin to describe your thoughts.

Sashamaz1368d ago

Unity got many high score reviews, it is pretty apparent from the scores that the game got a free pass. Either that or the reviewers were given the secret version of the game which was bug free. Drive club on the other hand got the opposite, reviewers complained about the issues it had and made sure it was highlighted.

It was the gamers who complained about unity after they gad been cheated off their money.

TedCruzsTaint1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )


I blocked you because you're a hypocrite. You make me out to be some sort of PC elitist, all the while making a stink in whatever PC related article you wish, blasting anything Microsoft, and praising just about anything Playstation related.
I blocked you for those reasons. I blocked you because I refused to waste any more of my time humoring your trivial BS. If you consider that petty, you need to take a good, long look in the mirror and ask yourself just what you were going at me for in the first place.

I said it originally, and I'll say it again; Maturity comes with age. You'll get there at some point. Until then, you are going to remain blocked.

Oschino19071364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

You do realize in the other article you were complaining about stylized photos when Driveclub recently received it's photo mode.

The photo mode which allows instant pause during any racing moment mid race and features stylized filters.

The same stylized filters shown in the screenshots...

Oh, you didn't know did you. I highly doubt you even read the article and simply saw a few screens before commenting.

Because you know, the article also mentions that photo mode looks better compared to live gameplay and why.

That's why you came in spreading your ununinformed negativity towards anything you personally feel needs to be knocked down a peg or 10.

Oschino19071364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Your justification of snarky comment: "And I commented on this, not only because I have every right to, but because I wanted to take part in the conversation covering the supposed "best looking current gen game to date".
I ended up using it as an opportunity to point out the questionable journalistic practices on display, being that I write for a site myself. I would question where this supposed "vitriol" is, but I have to assume you look at the criticism I aimed at the journalist to it being aimed at the game. That's fine. You apparently don't know any better and can't differentiate the two.

Maturity comes with age. You'll get there in time. Until then I suggest you choose your words and your battles more carefully." and "Nothing about my statement is trolling. You don't make an article about "the best graphics of this generation" and then make your point by littering it with stylized images that can't be found in-game.

You can stop now.

This is the choice of the writers. It's Dual Shockers we're talking about here. Half of their business is sensationalizing anything Sony related, and then showing them in the best light . . . and then you call me out far tackling their distasteful practices by calling it trolling. Very telling."

Contents of article you said those things about: "Over the past month or so, Driveclub developer Evolution Studios has been sharing screenshots of the game on its Facebook page, selecting some of the best pictures created by the community thanks to the game’s advanced photo mode.
The level of the shots is seriously incredible, and to be honest I wouldn’t even know where to start creating some of those. I thought I was decent with photo mode, but the screenshots you’ll see below made me rethink that notion.
Some of them are extremely scenic, others boast framing and composition worthy of a professional beauty shop on the best car magazines, some simply seem real.
It’s definitely fair to say that the the game deserves to be defined the best looking title (at least so far) of this generation. While the photo mode cheats a bit with anti-aliasing and shadows, the true beauty of the game is in its lighting and shaders (which, for those unfamiliar with the term, aren’t the same thing as shadows, but what defines how materials reach to light on the screen). That’s where Driveclub‘s graphics truly excel, showing us what the PS4 can really do, and probably a glimpse on what more developers will achieve in the future.
Check them out in the gallery below to see what happens when a fantastic engine meets the creativity of gamers, and if you have some of your own to share, please do so in the comments."

Oschino19071364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Contradictions, hypocrisy, lying, misleading, maturity... Those are your issues, not mine or the article from dualshockers.

Maybe you should go check out some humble pie and check yourself before you wreck yourself because you the one trying to be a journalist and start your own site.

Things aren't gonna work out well for you if you comment history is anything to go by. Well unless you just want to live in a vitriolic bubble filed with others like yourself.

TedCruzsTaint1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Didn't read the responses. Helps when you're ignored. Perhaps you're better off following suit, instead of constantly getting your undies in a bunch over trivial crap that you yourself started. Just going to assume the need to tell you to grow up is still in order.
Also begs to question why you're stalking my profile.

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StarLord_Who1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

HeMan76 = Troll, ignore him.

Zenoprobe = Troll, nobody has even realised that because he's stuck up for Driveclub.

Gamers are idiots now.

You can't wait for a game to be finished in order to review it. That undermined the entire point of reviewing a game. Just because you want it to be good doesn't mean that it is.

Driveclub didn't work at launch so therefore it was a bad game.

insomnium21367d ago

The game should've been more polished before launch. I for one cannot support something like this. I will probably buy this game when it drops in price and it is stable and all that (patched) but I really hate to buy games only to be let down buy it crashing or not functioning properly for weeks or even months.

It does not matter what console it is this is unacceptable. I hope the dev gets the message. I know I will be one trying to send it to them by not buying at launch.

FanboyKilla1368d ago

the driveclub campaign continues. lmfao are they serious. who are these guys? never mind, because they will never be credible. funny i see this after watching live from playstation, people actually playing driveclub, or trying to. not one person could connect online. not one online race. not one.

now come on, tell me how its fixed. how you have no issues. fanboys lie live stream doesn't. f driveclub and anybody trying to sale me that shite. i was hoping for the best with driveclub. it is officially dead to me. rip.

lmfao 9/10. does that mean they got 9/10 things wrong? that would make more sense.

Loktai1368d ago

So you dont have it.... you have seen some livestreams, when? People are playing online and you're telling them that they arent. Go to the livestream right now.... or go directly to twitch or something and watch them. People are playing. "Not one" .... sure.

amiga-man1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Fanboy your talking rubbish the online is working just fine, why lie? you just make yourself sound desperate.

larrysdirtydrawss1367d ago

huh? its plenty playable online and fantastic,have you even tried

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poor_cus_of_games1366d ago

I see that fangirl is still spreading the hate. Grow up.

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Tsar4ever011368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

I'll look on YouTube for some 1080p/60 footage when I get home from work, but looking at those pics, especially the landscapes, lighting and vegetation, all I can say right now, Hell Yeah!! Watch OUT Now, The ps4's HD7870 gpu is showing off again!

Clunkyd1368d ago


Why are you saying sorry for? Your opinion doesn't mean anything. lol

marinelife91368d ago

Picked it up about two weeks ago and it is very fun and very challenging. I still don't feel I'm good enough to race online yet but I'm getting there. I actually prefer driving with the motion sensor (nice and stable in the turns) versus using the analog stick.

showtimefolks1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

so let me see the game has been fixed and we have gotten a lot of free content, Ultimate win for gamers

stop complaining

Forza main series and horizon for xbox brand
GT and evolution studios racing games are for PS fans

for once stop arguing, both are awesome games targeting different audiences

MrBeatdown1367d ago

There's nothing unfair about reviewing a game after launch. The purpose of a review is to inform people. If I'm interested in the game, I want to know how the game is now, not two months ago. An outdated review is worthless.

insomnium21367d ago

That is true. I would prefer games to be more complete and functioning at launch however. This latest trend with all these unfinished/unpolished games is BS imho and it feels like it's getting worse. I will not buy a single game at launch if they are like that.

garos821367d ago

@zeroprobe and seniors are waiting for Gran Tourismo

nosferatuzodd1367d ago

he man your pathetic just like every Xbox forza clown out there graphically DC assassinate forza with a rocket launcher any day any year and when Grand tourismo drops it will pick up forza pieces lol

mmcglasson1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )


Funny thing is I could do the same LOL by comparing GT5/6 on PS3 to Forza.

Over 900 cars (LOL)
Realistic Customization and Car Performance Upgrades
Realistic race tracks
The most realistic racing sim

Amazing graphics on PS3
Tons of Content
I can't wait for the PS4 version to come out and tear a hole in Forza. The only thing I give Forza + points for is the amount of cosmetic customization and unrealistic customization you can do to your cars. Typically... you are not going to convert a Dodge Viper to AWD (awesome but not likely in real life). It's really no longer a Dodge Viper if you were to do that. Upgrading engine components, exhaust, suspension, etc... is realistic. Could you convert a Dodge Viper to AWD in real life... sure you could... but it would be a crap ton of money and not something most people would ever spend money on doing when they could just buy a AWD car like a GTR or STI.

If I want to play a racing game I don't want to play in the open world. I want to play on race tracks. Now if I want to play a street racing game, or a game I could drive and race anywhere, I'd play Need 4 Speed Underground, Burnout, or GTA. If I want to play a simulation racing game or a racing game I would rather have the courses be modeled after real race track and on a closed course.

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amiga-man1368d ago

The game is a different beast now, if you like challenging racing drivclub delivers and with a true next gen experience.

Driveclub Great graphics and great fun.

DeadlyOreo1368d ago

Definitely picking this up, a Christmas present to myself :)

Chris121368d ago

CEX in the UK now have this second hand for £20.. Well worth the cash.

medman1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

I did buy it, thanks!! Once the price dropped to 30 bucks on amazon and I saw the weather update, how could I refuse!!! I was somewhat holding out for Project Cars, as I couldn't see myself buying both of them, but the weather....the game looked so good before, but it's just ridiculous now. Best looking game I've seen anywhere, pc or console.

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zeroprobe1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Wrong section.

urwifeminder1368d ago

Sounds a bit please like me desperation to be honest , they have turned around the negativity with chubby rain.

TKCMuzzer1368d ago

Not as desperate as your bubble situation.....

Repjaws1368d ago

Owwwwwwwwwwww that burn,nice one.

mmcglasson1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

He's jealous because he wishes Forza looked as good... Sorry bud... not going to happen... Damn I feel sorry for Forza fans when GT comes out and looks even better than Drive Club (not a diss directed towards Drive Club as it looks amazing) will have more content, and driving will be much more realisitc. I just hope they don't do an open racer in GT... I'd much rather play on real race tracks.

1366d ago
mezati991368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

This is my GOTY. one of the most underrated game ever made