GTA V/GTA Online: Update 1.06 Is Live

Upon Playing GTA online surprisingly and unexpectedly an update file came through the pipeline.

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Scholla1426d ago

I think the snow was added on the last update their probably just waiting to deploy it, most likely on Christmas Day and probably will happen randomly like rain currently is.

SolidStoner1426d ago

"additional fixes for GTA online to improve stability"

how hard can it be to say it, instead they screen shot the answer and speculated with random BS so it looks important :)

d0x3601425d ago

Snow is there already. I was playing last night and I saw snow in story mode

nowitzki20041425d ago

LMAO its the truth. North Yankton

paul-p19881425d ago

I played it first thing this morning (5.30am GMT) and it was snowing online, throwing snowballs at NPCs is FAR too much fun! lol

Adrieono1426d ago

I hope it fixes multiplayer. I usually can play in a full lobby 5-10 minutes before I'm kicked for unknown reasons.

Scholla1426d ago

@Adrieono I was hoping for that too and we might just get it check the update i posted.

StO1426d ago

I fixed this problem by updating my routers firmware to the latest version. I could only join a room with 5 or 6 people and get kicked after a few mins, now after updating I can join 20+ lobbys

Scholla1426d ago

How do you update your routers firmware?

St01426d ago

you have to login to your router by using your internet browser and type in your routers ip address into the address bar, the IP address is different for most routers so google your routers name for the IP.

If you know nothing about routers then it's probably not a good idea to try and update it since it is possible to brick your router if the firmware does not install properly or you try and install the wrong one.

parentsbasement1426d ago

I don't get kicked but takes forever to join......sometimes im in a lobby by myself too.....

Scrivlar1426d ago

Same, either I'm by myself or I get kicked after 5 minutes.

Scholla1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Wow! It seems like the "kicking" got worse since the update (PS4) -- dare i say out of control! I never had it as bad as getting kicked in a few minutes thing though i did experience the lobby by myself thing, however the kicking was inevitable and consistent, sometimes very consistent on some days but now I can't even stay in the lobby! I tried about 10-15 times!

Audiggity1425d ago

Confucious say: Those who are in game lobbies by themselves are master-waiters.

SuperBlur1426d ago

Did you DMZ your console through the router? I had that same problem til i did that

ion6661425d ago

I tried to DMZ but I stepped on a landmine.

spaceg0st1425d ago

Dude! I had to jump through hoops to get mine to work. Had to bridge my comcast modem (which deactivates the router function) and hardline my modem into my netgear router. Then LAN into my ps4 from my netgear. Then had to portforward for my ps4s static IP address AND (what I think was the kicker) enable DMZ for my ps4s IP address.

All this mind you, and I'm not really a tech guy. About a week of trial and error and asking rockstar support for some guidance. They gave me a list of things to try. Youtubed the port forwarding stuff.

Runnin solid now! Feels great. Couldn't even find a populated world before this

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BattleTorn1426d ago

Hoping for snow, but gladly take stability.

ahmedghoula1425d ago

i think the update was to remove the Challenges glitch, people were making millions a day...
not sure tough it might still be there.

as for the (kicking out) issue, i didn't encounter that since 1.20 ...

GHOSTxx4201425d ago

I didn't get a update on xb1

Madrigal1425d ago

You probably did while you were asleep.

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