Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale details: 23rd-29th Dec 2014

Neil writes "The final Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale for 2014 is now up and rolling. Fancy spending a little of that hard earned cash?"

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Macdaddy711424d ago

Deals are awesome,
What really makes me mad at MS n Sony,!!!!! Is they make you download the game to your hard drive (that's ok) but they only give up a 500mb hhd that you can get a few games on, alone with there updates n other apps

RadioActiveTwinky1424d ago

PS4 gives you an option to easily upgrade you HDD very easily.

X1 let's you use external HDD.

Both are very cheap methods to upgrade.

TheBrit1424d ago

Agreed I added a 2 TB external to my xbox one for 79 bucks

TheBrit1424d ago

That would be a 500 GIG hard drive, not meg

ghostface91424d ago (Edited 1424d ago ) here is the real discounts page has way more on there than the article does and side dragon age is 35 % off for the daily deal today great saving on that one it just came out a month ago and is game of the year thats crazy