10 Tips for Cheap Gaming wrote: "I am the budget gamer. The bargain bin burrower. The discount-disc discoverer. The second-hand software sorcerer. At the end of the day, we all have some sort of budget and financial limitations on our entertainment; the biggest challenge is to make the most of what you have.

We would all love to have every new blockbuster delivered to our houses moments after their official release, but in the real world this just isn't possible for 99% of us. So how should we game on a budget? Well, I've put together this brief list of tips. Please feel free to comment extra suggestions!

10 cheap gaming tips, after the jump!"

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rickjames3670d ago

i always try to wait until the new games prices go down or used ones come in. il play old games to pass the time

Pornlord3670d ago

The games I wanted never decreased in price. Uncharted is still 50 dollars most places. I do like his friend idea "Build your own gamer community from your friendship circles if possible. Then, trade between you." I do that, I've played almost every game because of that. I got Beowolf for 13 bucks yesterday. Couldn't pass that up, I wouldn't pay a dime more for it, but that price was perfect and it should keep me occupied for a few hours. Then I'll take the game to my local small game store and sell it for 20. :) Everybody wins (exept of the guy who buys it for 25 form the game store :)

wolfehound223670d ago

I only buy my most anticipated games everything else I rent. $25 a month for 2 games at a time. One of my better investments I believe.

Kakkoii3670d ago

I just torrent it as soon as it comes out.

And if it turns out to be a good game, I'll go and pay for it later.

thebudgetgamer3670d ago

that article is about my life