How will the FPB's new online content regulations affect gaming?

MWEB GameZone writes: "If every piece of content needs to be parsed and classified by the FPB before publication and failure to do that could results in penalties, that smells like infringement of freedom of speech rights at best and censorship at worst."

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HanCilliers1425d ago

I think there's a lot more to this than what the writer states. The regulations could have far reaching consequences for gaming websites as well. But yes, we will have to wait and see once more is revealed

rainslacker1425d ago

Maybe, but it seems kind of pointless to only have it in one region when it's easy enough to get stuff from around the world.

I know this applies to digital distribution of media, but you restrict people, and they find a way. That's why censorship on the internet doesn't really work.

As far as gaming websites go, it would only affect those based in a region that has to abide by those rules. But as we all know, gamers get their news from all over the world.

HanCilliers1425d ago

True, but what about small YouTubers? Many of them will just say block SA content if this law passes, taking into consideration their focus audience was SA.

rainslacker1424d ago

Not saying I approve of these kinds of laws, I just find them rather pointless on the internet.

Roccetarius1425d ago

The ideas FPB has for the internet seems incredibly short sighted. It's almost like lawyers without knowledge of the internet has made this, which is a very real possiblity.

HanCilliers1425d ago

I agree, it's so silly, like they don't understand the Internet at all