Phil Spencer: "Interesting" News for Both Xbox and PC Gamers Coming in January; Not Focusing on 3D

As he often does, Microsoft’s Head of the Xbox Division Phil Spencer answered a few questions from the fans today, giving some rather interesting insight:

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freshslicepizza1423d ago

new dashboard along with a universal look across all microsoft products. plus any game that available on xbox and pc will be cross buy

Eonjay1423d ago

After shutting down their PC store it seemed like they were falling to far behind Steam to have a lasting impression on PC. But what if the Windows 10 app for PC is more than meets the eye. What if, it allows you to play your Xbox Games on PC in a reverse Nvidia Shield style or remote play.

The idea of a ubiquitous operating system was to allow apps designed for Windows to be deployed on Xbox and Windows Phone, Surface... but why can it work the other way around. Why not let your PC play games from off your Xbox. Its like Remote Play on PlayStation... and if some folks got remote play working on PC, I don't see why Microsoft can make this a thing for Windows 10.

ATi_Elite1423d ago

I don't see them talking about anything pc related except for Windows 10.

ms needs to allow more games from xbox to get ported over to PC to keep the positive feedback going.

Death1423d ago

It would make sense for Microsoft to support both their platforms. I like Games for Windows, just not the way it was implemented. Having the same UI for both would be pretty cool. If I had the choice I would prefer to start my gaming rig up in a gaming UI instead of the desktop.

Yetter1423d ago

how bout a steam app that lets you stream games from your PC. Not as unlikely as you would think

SilentNegotiator1423d ago

Yeah, that would produce great feedback for Xbox one, all of their exclusives going to PC.


Wizard_King1423d ago

It would be great but then no one would buy any Xbox ones because 3 year old note books are more powerful and far more functional lol.

And really all the Xbox brand has going for it is Halo anyway, without Halo as an Xbox exclusive Xbox would flop almost overnight.

AndrewLB1422d ago

WizardKing- That's like saying the only thing the PS4 brand has going for it is Uncharted, and without it PS4 would be a flop.

Making such a statement would be completely ignorant and completely ignores the countless games also sold on PS4.

And considering the fact that neither a new Halo or Uncharted is available for either system, your argument falls completely flat. Nobody spends that kind of money for a console with the knowledge that on some unknown day in the future a game they're a fan of will be released.

BTw... if you haven't heard. The PC version of Halo: Master Chief Edition was listed on Amazon but taken down. Considering how much the mod community has improved the first two games in the series, i look forward to it.

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Illusive_Man1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

More like powersliding into it, which is what they should be doing.

I also think their setup will have more elements of AR in addition to VR. I do not think we'll be seeing a Oculus/Morpheus style Xbox branded device. It'll be different. They've been working on it for a long time.

As far as Xbox PC, I can see:

Windows 10 derivative on Xbox One/DX12 - we all know this
More Universal Apps + Games
Cross Buy
Certain games get Cross Play
Streaming Xbox One/360 games locally to your PC.
Streaming Xbox One TV to tablet via Smartglass - we know this is coming at some point

This is the BIG BIG Rumor for me:

A STEAM app on Xbox One and Windows 10.

As far as games:

PC gets certain Windows exclusives
Xbox will retain its share of console exclusives
There will be games that overlap
Halo 5 is NOT coming to PC.

Xbox isn't going to be integrated into PCs, I think the idea of a box in the living room is still part of MS goal of owning the living room.I do think that over time Xbox One and its successor will become more of a PC that lives in the living room and does everything.

TheVigilanteCode1423d ago

^ This post is probably the realistic estimate a PC gamer could hope from Microsoft as "interesting news".

XboxOneX1423d ago

Once the WINDOWS apps are allowed to the installed on the XBONE its going to be amazing. I will sell my PC and buy a WiiU.

TBONEJF1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

VR over rated & TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE. half of us gamers can't even afford a SONY VR head set wast of time and resources.

poor_cus_of_games1422d ago

So you know the price of morpheus?

Amazingmrbrock1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

^Enojay "Only on xbox gold"?

Delsin_Rowe1422d ago

They are following PlayStation path.

Kavorklestein1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Oh yeah since Sony is taking the PC world by storm.. not.
Yeah... Owners/Creators of THE Biggest/most used Operating Systems is following Sony's footsteps for PC related things.

Get educated, you WAY too much Anime-watching scrub.

Delsin_Rowe1422d ago

First thing this image is from Persona 5 main character so it still anime yet. Second thing Darling you cant take a joke instead you take to the heart and PS4 is outselling the XBone by long time and Sony support Pc since they have a studio that make games for PlayStation console and PC while Microsoft keep it exclusive to their console and i am not talking about third party but first, second party. Third thing darling i love anime that i support my vita with anime game only while the main console is everything so thank you that i am Anime-watching scrub since i embrace it.

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Madrigal1423d ago

VR or Xbox-PC crossplay.

OOMagnum1423d ago

If its not Xbox/Pc crossplay I dont care.

Audiggity1423d ago


That would be awesome, some of my buddies got GTA V on XB1 and I'm committed to porting my character to PC. Being able to cross play would be fantastic, but, I'm afraid it would be far too late.

Actually, if that means Games for Windows comes back... I would retract that statement :)

Trekster_Gamer1423d ago

So that's the only 2 thing's your mind can imagine?

How limiting it must be for you.

No_Limit1423d ago

It is windows 10 related as Phil will be at the Panel on the 21st of Jan to talk and demo the compatibility of Windows 10 between PC , phones and XB1. My guess is, buy a game for Windows 10, it can be shared, played, and cross compatible between the three ecosystem. It will be a killer feature that will leave the competition in the dust.

Bodge1423d ago

It sounds really nice, but I hope in terms of the PC it's actual game releases and not some streaming BS.

1423d ago
pyramidshead1423d ago

Sony already does cross buy lol

mhunterjr1423d ago

I think what he's saying is that Xbox software will be able to run on PCs... Meaning anyone with a win10 device will essentially have an Xbox. That would do instant wonders for their installed base.

I ain't sure this will happen, but it seems plausible since XboxOS is a modified version of windows this time around.

This would be a bigger deal than cross play, so I don't see how MS would be able to keep this a secret...

No_Limit1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

LOL, It is not cross buy as the Xbox One will get an OS update early next year that will be a modified version of Windows 10 and essentially it will help small developers (and also any developers for that matter) to easily port games from one platform to another and cross play and game sharing with multiple devices might be possible.

Essentially think about a game like minecraft, which so happen that MS spent 2 billion dollars to buy. It is a huge hit on PC, mobile devices, and also on game consoles. Do you think that there isn't any coincident that MS just bought a studio for one IP for that much money and announcing Windows 10 is coming to PC and XB1 in a panel that features Phil Spencer in January?

BitbyDeath1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

If they fully transitioned all their games to work on PC then what would be the point of owning an Xbox?

That sort of move sounds like they would have plans to eventually stop making consoles.

FlyingFoxy1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Cost.. i thought most console players don't like PC because you need to spend 700 or so to build a good one for gaming.

That won't stop people buying consoles, it just means you'd get a better experience on PC if you can afford it, like it has always been.

Manic20141423d ago

I think if they do such feature, you would require to own the console to get the benefit. That in my opinion would sell units. Allowing you to access your console/games through your computer would be an amazing feature.

revben1423d ago

Well software is where the margin is at least, and nadella has decided to mention gaming in every single presentation he gives, yet gaming is not apart of msft productivity core, so i bet you will be able to play any xbox one aaa games on windows10 device including pc eventually. That fits well into minecraft, where games are just nothing more than software with high margins for the sellers. Thats a bigger reason for the fire sales.

Death1423d ago

My guess is it would be a much smaller ecosystem if cross buy was enabled. Smaller indie titles would make sense to be playable on Windows phone, PC and Xbox. It would be harder to make retail games cross buy since the platforms are separate divisions within the company.

mhunterjr1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

They are in this to sell software and services. If xboxOS ran on PCs their installed base would grow exponentially overnight, along with their software and service sales.

Kavorklestein1422d ago

I think you have it backwards. Ms doesn't make Pc's.
they make xboxes. I think maybe they are going to try to get more PC titles on Xbox one, indies, a few PC AAA titles,etc.. and MAYBE get SELECT Xbox titles to be on PC. But they wouldn't just shoot themselves in the foot by making it POINTLESS to own an Xbox one.
You wish!

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snaggdadon1423d ago

hmmmm that would be awesome!!!!
sort of like how the ps4 and vita have crossbuy crossplay but it will include pc!!! yes microsoft is catching up!!!!!!! now if we could get some more exclusive reveals to shut down all this sony hype!!!!

Testfire1423d ago

You guys are thinking too big lol. My guess is a new Minecraft.

ChronoJoe1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Just sounds like the kind of feature that would harm the Xbox one hardware, and promote less exclusivity, and more PC based games.

Not sure if that's killer feature. A nice feature, for Microsoft in general, but perhaps not for the XBOX brand specifically.

Cross-buy PS4 / Vita has more use in my opinion, since it lets you play the PS4 games on a portable system, but XBOX ONE / PC would share a similar purpose, seems like most consumers would have either a high-end PC for their games, or an XBOX ONE. And if they did possess a high end PC, it seems unlikely they'd want to play the XBOX ONE versions anyway?

I don't think it will be this, since it's just not that appealing a feature. Perhaps an announcement of a new exclusive to PC / XBOX ONE? They did say they would 'make amends' for the SSFV thing.

No_Limit1423d ago

What if the "make Amends" for the SSFV thing involve the ability of Windows 10 PC games to also run on SSFV?

mhunterjr1422d ago

Games that take advantage of this would have to target Xbox SDK specs, so it wouldn't harm exclusivity.

Also, you forget about the tablet PC, which is a major focus of Win10. Being able to play xboxOne games on the go would be a killer feature with out a doubt.

ChronoJoe1422d ago

and performance wise how are they going to run on a tablet PC? None of these games run within a cloud, even on X1. Might work for less intensive games like the PS4 does with the Vita, but not exactly a killer application I must say.

And what are you on about, target XSDK specs? They would have to use the XBOX SDK for the xbox one yes, but not for PC. The Xbox SDK wouldn't even make sense on PC as it wouldn't accommodate the variance in architecture.

Plus, if the PC versions did target XBOX ONE performance, where would the appeal be there?

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llMurcielagoll1423d ago

Don't care for 3D. But I would like to see what he has in mind this January.