Check out Xbox's final 2014 sale

MWEB GameZone writes: "We're in the final week of the Xbox Countdown to 2015 sale. Today's daily deal offers Dragon Age: Inquisition at 35% discount and The Raven Episodes 1-3 with 75% discount.

Check out the spectacular deals ending on 31 December."

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schmoe1427d ago

right. that is it. nobody is getting pressies this year

CongoKyle1427d ago

I'd like 50% off the console pls.

HanCilliers1427d ago

Try the Value Campaign, XB1 on sale there

lord zaid1427d ago

A lot of those games should be at that price point by default, thanks to their status as digital downloads. I'm glad that we can get these games at these great prices, but i'd be more impressed if this sale was permanent

mx1041427d ago

I dont understand why digital games are more expensive than hard copies. New release games in target are about $70-80AUD. Farcry 4 was $67 when it was first released and so on. Would it be because the servers are expensive to run? Stuffed if i know

Sillicur1427d ago

35% off DA: Inquisition, very nice!

Kribwalker1427d ago

Plus an additional 10% off with EA access. Really it's like 7% off original price since its 10% off the lower price. But still, a better deal none the less