2008 Video Game Reviews from the Future

GameDaily pull out their crystal balls and predict scores on some of the 2008's most anticipated games.

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Harry1903732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

seems to prefer Gears of War2's latex/any inorganic material suits to Metal Gear's Octocamo.

Anyway,I'm picking up Star Wars no matter what.

I know who disagreed the first time.

Pornlord3732d ago

Eh, lackluster list, I don't think one game on that list is gonna be in my library. I was waiting for Fable 2, White Knight, FFXIII, LBP, Resistance 2, Star Ocean, anything but the games on his list. IMO

mesh13732d ago

gears of war 2 is th ebes game on that list

DEADEND3732d ago

There was a lot of good games they didn't list there, where was LBP, SOCOM, R:FOM 2, FABLE 2, and much much more.

3732d ago