Beast Busters, Classic SNK Arcade Light Gun Game Resurrected on Mobile Platform, IAP in Tow

Carl Williams writes, "Man, 25 years ago this year, SNK released the classic Beast Busters light gun game into arcades. I remember this game fondly, not only because it was usually set to 50 cents per play (at the time unheard of) nor the fact that the arcade owner would often put it on single quarter play (which I partook in WAY too much of when this happened). No, I remember this game mainly because of the loud sound effects, the over the top graphics (I mean, come on look at the video below) and the sheer fun it brought me in my young teenage years. Beast Busters was so much cooler than Operation Wolf or Mechanized Attack, two titles that were often placed nearby in what was referred to as “shooter alley” in that arcade. Now, SNK has seen fit to release a reworked version of Beast Busters for the modern gamer, on mobile platforms. The question you may be asking is, how are they screwing it up?"

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MultiConsoleGamer1456d ago

I will definitely give this game a look.

triverse1456d ago

I am working on a review for this game. I loved the arcade version (as you can tell from the article) and this is a nice successor- though I still wish they had the over the top explosive zombies.