GTA IV for PC Confirmed?

Ever wondered if GTA IV is coming to the PC? Well wonder no more as two trickers have managed to get conformation from Rockstar. They pretended to have downloaded a free version of GTA IV from the web and a rep later responded "The PC version of GTA IV has not even been announced for release and is still in development so is not about to be released on a website we have no knowledge of" after a chain of e-mails.

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rickjames3733d ago

but i hate how the games can be moded to do crazy sh*t. it makes the game no fun

killax35633732d ago

That's classic how they managed to squeeze this information out of Rockstar.... pure genius.

ape0073733d ago

mods mods mods mods mods

Imagin,creating vice city and san andreas in gta4

or do some crazy [email protected] there

rickjames3733d ago

imagin playing online and getting hit by a invisible player with a rocket launcher

Rhezin3733d ago

just f!cking play the hand you were dealt.

niall773733d ago

The modded GTA,SA 80+ player online games in GTA4 :drool:

Charmers3733d ago

lol I tried to get this approved a couple of days ago and all I got were people moaning it is a "blog". You really have to love the assholism on this site.

SUP3R3733d ago

See what I did there?

Charmers3733d ago

well from what I can see that is all you did. Although I do wonder why you marked it 360 and playstation 3 news ? Why would a rumour that GTA 4 is coming to the PC be in the 360/PS3 sections ? Hey personally I don't care myself I just wanted to get this story out as quickly as possible to see if we could get something from Rockstar on the issue. This story could have been here a week ago but no all I got was disapprovals with them saying "spam" but such is life.

SUP3R3733d ago

They're included because the game runs on all those platforms whether it pertains to that specific platform or not.
At least that's how I see it.

Charmers3733d ago

Well no matter about the details at least the news is out now. Hopefully it might provoke Rockstar into some response, although I doubt it they seem intent on keeping quiet no matter what.

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