Disney Magic Hits the Super Nintendo with The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse – Today in History

Carl Williams writes, "Ah the tale of Mickey Mouse versus big bad Pete is a story that is pretty timeless, one that has gone on for decades (longer than Mario and Bowser by a long shot). Disney are a protective lot, not just anyone with the dough can make a Disney game, or at least it used to be that way (we are ignoring a ton of the PSOne 32-Bit era Disney games here- rose colored glasses folks). Capcom was the darling of Disney games, when they released one, you just knew it was going to be awesome. From the black white Game Boy screen to the Super Nintendo, Capcom knew Disney games. The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse is no exception."

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MultiConsoleGamer1392d ago

The 16 Bit era was a golden age for Disney video games.

triverse1391d ago

Definitely. I still love the 16-Bit Disney games. They were, and still are, awesome.