Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Review – Ninja Olympics - The Koalition

Just how well does this next iteration in the Ultimate Ninja series hold up? Or a nothing but a bad clone of the series? Find out in the full review of Naurto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution.

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Venomousfatman1429d ago

Indeed. I think the previous versions are a bit better. I like the way the narrative was presented in those games, was much better IMO.

Profexxion1429d ago

Have always been a fan of this fighting series. Some of the most exciting combat in gaming.

DiscoKid1429d ago

Was very disappointed in the lack of Escapades. Was expecting more.

Snookies121429d ago

I was just mad that they built up the Ten Tail battle at the end, and then just basically ended. I was all hyped, thinking the battle was actually going to be in the game.

TXIDarkAvenger1429d ago

Length of the story was pretty disappointing compared to the rest of the series.