Diablo III Producer - "Color Is Your Friend"

Kotaku Writes:

Yes, Diablo III is going to be much more vivid and vibrant than its predecessors, a fact that has some fans signing a petition against the shinier, happier art direction - now with over fifteen thousand signatures. Tracey John over at MTV Multiplayer spoke with Diablo III lead producer Keith Lee about the during the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Paris this past weekend, who defended the move towards a brighter, more colorful Diablo.

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Charlie26883731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I was kind of skeptical about people complaining about the new super bright colors (maybe cuz I played TQ last?) but after seeing some of the photoshopped screenshots vs the original screenshots I would have to agree the "darker" look many fans are asking for looks a BILLION times better than the actual one used by Blizzard that again thanks to other screenshots D3 DOES have the same pallet and lightning as WOW and WC3 -_-

I am gonna look for those screenshots on the GS forums right now to give the example (hopefully I will find them :S)

also the petition to change the colors is surprisingly going VERY strong O.o

TheIneffableBob3731d ago

It may look good in a screenshot, but it'll be horrible in motion.

I've played Crysis with the ultra-high contrast that you always see in those amazing looking screenshots, and in motion it's annoying and looks terrible.

donator3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

There's no doubt in my mind that Diablo 3 will be fun and give us many many hours of addicting game play. However, I don't like the new artistic direction either. I miss the dark, Gothic, gritty look. The previous Diablos has a more desperate, survivor-horror, everything has gone to hell atmosphere.

For the same reasons, I don't really like StarCraft 2's graphics either. It looks too campy.

Maybe Blizzard can just use a color filter similar to early builds of Metal Gear Solid 4 where things were yellow. If not, I know some video card drivers have filters where you can make everything black and white, matrix green, or other things like that.

Check out the comparison image I threw together.

Ghoul3731d ago

or maybe people just turn down theyr color saturation while playing ???

life is so easy when youre using your brain

donator3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I tried turning down the saturation in the screen shots. Still looks campy, but irregardless. If Blizzard doesn't change the design, I'm sure everyone will adjust. If they don't want to play D3 just because they don't like the artistic design, then they'll probably be missing out. The game play will be great either way.

Charlie26883731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

couldn't find them (still looking) but I found a nice article that features a smaller size of them plus how surprisingly the petition is going strong (almost 20.000 signatures)

from the sample shots as you can see the first (original) has that WOW/WC3 kind of feel BUT if you look at the modified one now THAT is Diablo like, the second image is not that great of an example due to the size it looks well just dark -_-

I would like to know if Blizzard has seen this images so they would know its not "redo the entire game" like some counter fans and Blizzard have suggested cuz if they aren't gonna change the cartoony kind of characters at least do something about the color pallet or have an optional color filter...something! :)

Jones Miller3731d ago

You stole the words right out of my mouth! Bubbles for you my friend!

Charlie26883731d ago

love the fact that I forgot to actually post the F_CKING link -_-

what the hell couldn't even find the page on the history tab of the explorer but I found something better



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Spydiggity3731d ago

all these idiot fans stop crying and let the company that historically makes the best PC games time and time again do what they do best...make great games. if this is where they think the art direction belongs, let them. mind your own business. it's their artistic creation, not yours! you are just a player, not a creator. and if you don't like the new creation, don't play it. but you have no right to tell someone with infinitely more talent than you how they should make their products.

diablo 1 was great, diablo 2 was great. diablo 3 will probably be great too. also, wow was great, WC 1 2 and 3 were great. starcraft 1 was great. everything they touch turns to gold, so leave them alone!

jdoggystyyle3731d ago

ice cream.....yummy :) oh and care bears....

jdoggystyyle3731d ago

your my type of fellow! bubbles for u my 2 bubble brother

Muddyalcapones3731d ago

it makes sense what he says: how can we appreciate the dark scary dungeons if the jungles, lakes, mountains, etc. are all just as dark?

v1c1ous3731d ago

blood red

that's it.

RememberThe3573731d ago

It's too colorful? Are you kidding me? Time has told us that Blizzard knows what they're doing. Stop fearing change and accept that these people want the series to evolve. They don't seem to want to make daiblo 2 with better graphics. They want to make diablo 3, a new game in a remarkably groundbreaking series. Stop and think about it for a second, do you really want to same exact feel of the original games or do you want a similar feel that is pushed into new territories.

It's funny that around the same time that people are getting on Blizzards ass about the art direction, Fallout 3 producer Ashley Cheng, says that hes disappointed that, "Blizzard has stayed on the conservative side in terms of design with their updates to Diablo and Starcraft."

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