Bandai Namco has filed a DMCA complaint to get Durante's DSFix 2.3 taken down

Rely on Horror: DSFix has long been the most popular mod for Dark Souls, mainly because it alleviates much of the issues the PC version of the game is plagued with. Unfortunately it looks like Bandai Namco wants DSFix to be removed, as they have now filed a DMCA complaint against DSFix to have it removed from dropbox.

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fluffydelusions1393d ago

Hopefully this is a mistake. Makes no sense. Praise the Durante!

freshslicepizza1393d ago

so the community does what the developer wont and now they want to take it down?

theshonen88991393d ago

If Bandai Namco was Valve, they'd have already hired Durante.

Neixus1393d ago

If they take down DSfix, they take down their playerbase

yewles11393d ago

Now we get to see who wanted the game just for the game, and who wanted the game just for bragging rights...

LightofDarkness1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

You have no idea what you're talking about, please refrain from commenting on PC articles. I see you in there regularly spouting this kind of nonsense. You don't understand PC gamers or PC gaming, stop pretending like you do. You clearly don't even know why DSfix is necessary. I don't care what your retort is, there is nothing more to be said.

Lon3wolf1393d ago

Yeah just read that about a mistake too, cheers

hulk_bash19871393d ago

What are u going on about man?

Lon3wolf1393d ago

Lets see who can post complete rubbish first..............oh wait.

Hopefully this is an error and they stop the action.

LightofDarkness1393d ago

It was an error, apparently. It was mistakenly targeted by a company Namco Bandai hired to remove cheat DLLs, and they are currently resolving the DMCA complaints. The fix is back up as well.

Giru0171393d ago

You have no idea what you are talking about, clearly.

yewles11393d ago

LOL!!! Look at all that delicious denial, conveniently forgetting they would only buy it after framerate and res were unlocked. Most of you even stated it yourselves. XD

Pandamobile1392d ago

What denial? You just made a really dumb comment and were apparently surprised when people disagreed with it.

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mkis0071393d ago

I can't imagine removing it at this point would have any effect. It's already out there...

Not sure how you can fight a mod.

Malice-Flare1393d ago

to be fair though, they didn't ask Durante to 'fix' the game. it is a port of a 720p console game...

Lon3wolf1393d ago

There are quite a few that purchased the game on PC after this "fix" was made available, From Software even acknowledged the mod when it released. If Namco had insisted on a better port than this mans free work would not of been needed.

Malice-Flare1393d ago

those that did that are part of the problem, Namco only cares that they bought it. they don't owe Durante anything, the game already worked. if people didn't like that they should have asked for a refund and made other people aware and let it fail...

depending on volunteers like Durante to fix a for-profit corporation's product is the reason other companies are confident to release broken products...

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