Check Out 20 Minutes of PS4 Exclusive Tearaway Unfolded and More Adorable Tearaway Goodness

Sony Computer Entertainment finally published the recording of the glimpse on Tearaway Unfolded shown at PlayStation Experience, with about 20 minutes of great gameplay and more.

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-Foxtrot1449d ago

Totally forgot about this one...looks great

Blackleg-sanji1449d ago

Hope it does well its a great game should do alpt better on ps4 whether us vita owners admit it or not

nowitzki20041449d ago

I loved tearaway on the Vita, Its one of the only games that uses the vita to its full advantage. Touchscreen, touchpad, camera, every single thing on the vita was used a lot.

NukaCola1449d ago

This looks like a completely different game. Not a port or a sequel but a new world and basically the same concept of your messenger on an adventure but in a game designed for PS4 instead of Vita. I think this will be a day one for sure. I played the Vita version until I platinumed it. What an amazing game, and I cant wait for this!

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1449d ago

Now it will probably get the sales it deserves.

dafegamer1449d ago

And now in 60fps o_O Oh boy the controls are going to be so smooth.

DarkAstronaut1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I just hope Sony doesn't send this game out to die with no advertising and releasing too close to big name AAA titles. Timing is everything.

GameDev11449d ago

As far as advertising, I would be surprised if it gets as much as attention as LBP or bigger AAA titles, tbh Sony really dont need to heavily advertise all games on their console, there is just so many for 2015

And Tearaway release date has not been announced but am pretty sure it would be spread around the year like Sony usually does

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