Nintendo’s Treatment of Amiibo is Disrespectful to Their Loyal Fans

Twinfinite writes: Nintendo has fumbled the release of Amiibo, but do they even care?

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MCTJim1426d ago

from back when Nintendo first launched the NES and 2 years afterwards, they are notorious of creating artificial shortages to drive up demand of accessories/games/etc.

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3-4-51426d ago

It's new.....they didn't KNOW it would sell, they just thought it would.

You make enough to make a profit, but not lose any money if it doesn't work out.

Because you can't get what you want RIGHT NOW, Nintendo is somehow in the wrong ?

Once again Twinfinite chasing the clicks.

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ToneDeezy1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

It's not just about "getting it now", which I specifically addressed in the article. Nintendo won't say if the sold out ones will ever come back, and Miyamoto has already talked about their replacement.

If more are coming, they should say more are coming. Instead, they're floundering and allowing scalpers to dominate the market. Big fans who want figures now have the choice of paying scalper prices now, or waiting out Nintendo. If Nintendo DOESN'T release new shipments, then the prices at that time will be even higher as less and less sealed Amiibo are on the market.

Maybe please read the article first?

Blackleg-sanji1426d ago

I must say i kind of agree with the article. Im not in the position to get these things all at once when they 1st release and knowing i cant get them later just makes me not want any at all and they said they will release cards later to replace them?? Wtf?

OCEANGROWNKUSH1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Honestly its been a bit of a pain in the ass, but between me and my friend we managed to grab the whole set so far. For instance; just today i found 2 Captain Falcons, and she found 2 Pits, which lets us swap doubles. Have friends help, not everyone is a scalper!

ToneDeezy1425d ago

Lucky! I have an extra little Mac that I bought to swap with someone. I've had people make cash offers, but I don't want to feed into the scalping market, ya know?

GokuSolosAll1426d ago

The collection aspect is fun. More exclusives and rares, and expand beyond SSB. Do all billion Pokemon.

Summons751426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

"Here are these cool collectable figures that will be compatible with your games".......Except we will discontinue them a week after they launch so having to cool bonuses is completely pointless since the who knows when the next, let's say Fire Emblem comes out but you won't ever be able to get those cool bonuses we promised because we cared more about having a "rare" collectable than keeping a promise. So if you weren't at the store day one I guess you're screwed.

That's how I feel after all this. I almost bought a Link Amiibo on Black Friday but the sword was bent so I couldn't justify the purchase and now I probably will never buy one because of the terrible way Nintendo is handling this.

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